A statement from the S.K.I.L.L. team about eSports and other changes
In the last weeks we were asked many times about the future of S.K.I.L.L. in eSports and when the new season of the ESL Open, Major and Pro League starts. Today Gameforge published a statement with more information on exactly these topics.

Dear SKILL community!

It was a bit quiet lately when it comes to news from the SKILL team. During the months before and after the turn of the year there have been quite some internal changes and we all needed the time to make them.
First I want to tell you about some personnel changes within the team. During the last couple of weeks SKILL got a new face. During the last couple of weeks, Meisterbrau, Crula and I (CRAWLER / Metalgandalf) handed over our tasks and responsibilities to a new team, as we all are working on a new project. It was a tough decision to make, but it was the right one at this point. SKILL can only profit from a new impetus given to it. And also for us it is a good thing to work on something new, after spending up to four years with the game. SKILL will always be our baby and I’m sure we will not only stay in contact with the new team, but also show up for some in game clashes from time to time. The new team who will take care of SKILL in the future comprises of Serenitas, DrPepperQA, Maxpaine, and Agmar. Stoked and MrPorter are still part of the team.

SKILL is running stable and good, we have an active community and it’s a lot of fun to see how creative you are when it comes to edit and upload frag movies, tutorials, reviews, and other videos. The new team will continue to provide you with content update and events on a frequent basis.

The second topic I want to talk about deals with our activities in cooperation with the ESL. Back in 2013 when ESL and we hosted the first eSports event called the Opening Cup, we already knew that we would pay much more attention to our eSports activities in the years to come. With the Allstars Cups, the ESL Euro Series, the Go4SKILL Cups, as well as the league system consisting of ESL Pro, Major, and Open League we took the right steps in order to push SKILL as an eSport. We won paysafecard as an important sponsor for the ESL Pro League and we would like to thank the paysafecard team for their support and the great cooperation.
On the flipside, we also have to be objective when it comes to the eSports activities and our expectations. In SKILL’s case we have to recognize that our expectations have not been met. Of course we are aware that also in ESL terms a great community took shape over the years, but SKILL unfortunately remained far behind our expectations when it comes to the interest in this game. This does not only include the size of the community, but also the general interests in the offline events, the viewer number during the live streams, the incredibly important interest of additional sponsors and the interest of popular eSports organizations and teams. It was certainly clear to us that we won’t step up to the top dog of the scene but we definitely hoped for a way better reception than we received in the end. For 2016 this means that we unfortunately won’t have a new season for the league system consisting of Pro, Major, and Open League. It was everything but an easy decision for us, but we simply have to keep our feet on the ground.
As we already announced, there won’t be any change to the Go4SKILL Cups, though. Together with the ESL we will make sure that you will be able to compete with others every other weekend for a total prize money of 28,000 € in 2016. Besides there will also be several seasonal cups like the X-Mas Cup.

To slowly come to the end, I like to point out that the past years have been incredibly great for us and we are happy and thankful that we had the possibility to make these experiences. Especially all the events we took part in as a team will stick in our memories. When thinking about all the offline finals in the ESL studio during which we got to know some of the teams and players, I can definitely say it was an amazing time. Our participation at the IEM Expo 2015 in Katowice and the final of the ESL Pro League in the ESL Arena at gamescom 2015 are without doubt highlights we were able to experience together with you.

I like to thank you for your support and your interest in SKILL in the last years. It was a great time and we learned a lot. On behalf of the SKILL team I want to wish you a great time in SKILL in the future! Keep being such a great community you became throughout the last couple of years and keep having fun in and with SKILL.

All the best,

Marcel Rudoletzky
Product Director

We also want to say thank you for two amazing seasons of ESL Pro League and we are still looking forward to see you playing in the Go4S.K.I.L.L. Series.

Go4S.K.I.L.L. Portal

bLackhawk, Wednesday, 17/02/16 07:34
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It was clear that sf2 dies because the spectators were very low. There is no spectator mode, and even the go4s hardly ever be streamed (since the Streamer has a big disadvantage), it is clear that there are no spectators.
Nevertheless skill has a large community that bring large revenues. You could make it so that skill sponsors himself...
haha "Incredible" rip acc ^^ rip life :D
rip sandaliki crew
SCAV wrote:
haha "Incredible" rip acc ^^ rip life :D

you seriously have no life lol
why make go4 then ??? just cancel Go4 and make 1 big tournament per year ( with qualifier , big groups , play offs with lower bracket and stuff like this ) -> 28.000 euros + ingame items to rize the pool would creat also a big tournament ... with go4 only some of the teams quit the game
bad news :(
Thanks for sharing your information, its great and i appreciated about it!

CyloFLair wrote:
RIP SF2 this im pretty sure will destroy the game totally :(

no turks will take the lead in sf2 (in case they didn't already....)
Sad panda :( wasnt even mentioned in the letter :(

anyways i am glad i got to know a lot of new people and spending time ingame with a lot of you
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