Echoes Opening tournament on Sunday
Echoes are here, time to try out your new Decks in an action packed Echoes opening tournament on Sunday.
Scrolldiers from all over the World can feel invited to play in this tournament and show us their decks and prove their skill on the field. Does your new Echoes Deck cover all the new things which could come up from your opponents? We'll find out on Sunday!

We're looking forward to many exciting matches, just join us on Twitch and chat during the tournament on

Scrolls Echoes Opening Cup

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(Check-in: 17:40 - 17:50 CEST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Date: Sunday, June 14th
Start: 18:00 CEST
Size: Unlimited
Structure: Double Elimination

If the tournament has more than 32 participants, will the 1st place get the ESL Avatar Head.

Prizes of the tournament

1. Tier 3 Card of choice + Gold*
2. Tier 2 Card of choice + Gold*
3. Tier 1 Card of choice + Gold*
4. Gold depending on the tournament size*

* 1000 Gold per participant added to the gold pool.

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// Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Friday, 12/06/15 05:38
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