FuroX  Alpha  id:  10485071

Name FuroX
Registered since 17/09/16
Homepage http://www.team-furox.com
Headquarters  Australia
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Latest matches
  Go4RocketLeague Cup #3 Oceania
loss   Shaws Angels  0 Saturday, 15/10/16 21:55
wins   Panini  + 2 Saturday, 15/10/16 21:10
Founded in 2008, Team FuroX is an oceanic eSports organisation currently competing in a variety of titles including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Dota 2. With high achieving results and a rapidly growing community, Team FuroX is becoming a prominent organisation in Oceanic eSports. The objective of Team FuroX is to promote and change the view of the oceanic eSports scene, as it is consistently characterized as an underachiever in comparison to the rest of the world in eSports. With high expectations for not only our teams but ourselves as an organisation, our plan is to have the resources available to make our player’s passions their careers in the future.