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Awards for playing!

Playing in our Ladders is rewarding. Not only can you earn XP for each match, you can also win some awards. Here is a small overview of what you can achieve:

Reaching Overall Level 750

For being ranked #1 in a ladder
for 120 days in a row

For 2500 won matches on ESL

For 30 victories in a row
in a league

Awards are only visible on Premium player & team profiles.

Open Ladder

  • Play at any time
  • Free and open to everyone
  • No sign up limits
  • Earn awards for playing

Three different challenge options

You can use the Matchmaker, Instant Challenge or free challenges to find opponents and compete in a match. The different options are explained in more details on our Ladder FAQ.
If you have any further questions regarding Ladders, make sure to check out our Ladder FAQ, where penalty points are explained or you can also contact our support for further assistance.