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FLO 'tankbob' RIAN  id: 9822056

Nick tankbob
Member since 04/02/16
Age / Gender 21 Years / male
Country Canada
Main team Black Panthers WR
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in memory of TANKBOB <3
BlackPanthers Clan and -
sniper7pro psycho78 xcrysis slash10 bokibang 6a6akoso maxim777 precisiionz chaabox DilaraXX,polskastyle, l3atupac, mari0jane & aiirlinez <3
Level & Awards
  1 Awards  
War Rock
Recent matches
  War Rock Open Ladder 1on1 CQC Khyber Corner Europe
win P L A T I N  +21 Monday, 08/02/16 11:45 2
win P L A T I N  +24 Monday, 08/02/16 11:00 3
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