Nuclear Storm Gaming  NSG  id:  13171823

Name Nuclear Storm Gaming
Shorthandle NSG
Registered since 11/01/19
Homepage https://www.nuclearstormgaming..
Headquarters  Ireland
This is Nuclear Storm Gaming's debut team and entry into the Rocket League scene in 2019. As part of our plan moving forward we noticed the Rocket League scene in Ireland had a bolstering and positive community behind it; we set ourselves the task to pick up an incredible Rocket League team to compete in local LANs, online tournaments and hopefully bigger events in the future.
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Latest matches
  Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup #179
loss   qqq  0 Saturday, 12/01/19 09:15
wins   EWAVE ESPORTS RL Academy  + 2 Saturday, 12/01/19 08:50
wins   Yasuke ESC  + 2 Saturday, 12/01/19 08:25 2
wins   Inglourious Retards  + 2 Saturday, 12/01/19 08:00 2