Halloween Tournament 2018
It is the Night for that horrorscene.
A soccar tournament is scheduled for it this time.

It is the night of gloomy green.
A chance to earn that gloomy dime.

This year, as a special on Halloween!
We wish you guys a scary tournament, it's showtime!

Halloween Tournament

This year on Halloween, Rocket League Europe will host the most frightening tournament of the year!
On Halloween DFH Stadium is closed. All matches will instead take place in Beckwith Park (Midnight).
Pull out your greatest Halloween Cars and send pictures of them to our Social Media, the driver with the best Halloween Car will also get a prize!

Won by team WithMyBoyzs! (2)


ESL Premium Account
1st Place: 1 Month

Cup Winner:
Special Halloween Award*
*: Only if there are 8 or more contesting teams

cup_winter.jpg The winner of this cup will win the exclusive Halloween Cup Award and ESL Premium Month! (8 active teams must participate in the cup)

AJHunter, Wednesday, 24/10/18 12:01
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