Go4 Europe Cup #24 Wrap-up!
ESL Go4 Europe Cup #24 comes to a close with a surprising appearance from some new teams and a resurgence of some that had been absent from the top 8 recently.

Quarter Finals

Match 1: Team Rocket vs. Galactic Lions

It's no secret to anyone with even cursory knowledge of Rocket League that Team Rocket has been around since the dawn of the game's release. Although they have been through some roster changes, their consistency and team play has always been top notch. They would face a comparatively new team, Galactic Lions, who have demonstrated their worth by winning the Go4 Cup #21 in an absolutely dominating fashion, only struggling against Manteca_FC in that particular tournament. Galactic Lions would go to show how much the game's meta and player skill has evolved lately by defeating Team Rocket 3-1.

Match 2: Just Bought the Game vs. The 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers are definitely a team to watch with their recent performances not only in the Go4 Cup, but in every other competition they've entered, only struggling against the best of the best and even then, only by a narrow margin. Just Bought the Game is a slight misnomer now, since they've been in ESL for a little over 4 months, and if their moniker is true, that's an impressive climb from rookies to a top8 Go4 placement team in that short of a time. Unfortunately for them, they would have to face one of the most dangerous teams in the Go4 tournament, and would get swept by 3 Musketeers 3-0.

Match 3: orks.RL vs. AneVia RL

This battle for France would feature a resurgence of Orks, who had not been seen in a top 8 since Go4 #19, against AneVia who lost to Orks in that very cup. AneVia has been around the ESL for a while, only struggling against top teams as of late, and they would be looking to turn the tides against Orks this time around. Their recent improvements shone through as they managed to get their revenge on Orks this match, taking the series 3-1.

Match 4: Ikea Vikings vs. Firewall

Formerly Underkovert, Ikea Vikings decided on a new name after their recent roster change, and have been quite consistent in their placings in the Go4 League. They would face the ever-present Firewall, who have always been dangerous contenders, although have not seen much luck in the Go4 Cups as of late. Luck would still not be on their side this week, as Ikea Vikings swept this series 3-0.

Semi Finals

Match 1: Galactic Lions vs. The 3 Musketeers

As Galactic Lions and 3 Musketeers have both taken Go4 Cup victories before, but never faced each other in a top 8 for their respective crowns, this was a highly anticipated match to put to rest any theories who would win. After a close fought battle, 3 Musketeers managed to secure the win in game 5 and win the series 3-2. Both of these teams seem quite evenly matched so future matches between them will be eagerly welcome.

Match 2: AneVia RL vs. Ikea Vikings

Fresh from a dominating revenge victory against Orks, AneVia would have another giant hurdle to leap in the form of the dangerous Ikea Vikings who were riding the high morale of their sweep victory against Firewall. This time, AneVia would continue their path of destruction leaving Ikea Vikings in their wake as well, taking this series 3-1. Whether it was because Ikea Vikings were facing an opponent they didn't know and couldn't adapt properly, or that Anevia simply outclassed them is still left to speculation. Regardless, if both teams continue their success in the Go4 League, we will see some strategic adaptation on both sides, leading to some interesting matches in the future.

3rd Place Decider: Ikea Vikings vs. Galactic Lions

A highly speculated match as well, since neither team has faced each other in the later end of the bracket before. The only litmus test between them was their respecive games against Manteca_FC in go4 #21, where Galactic Lions narrowly defeated them with a game 5 overtime goal, and Ikea Vikings (then Underkovert) lost to them in the 3rd place decider 4-1. Although Ikea Vikings would manage to secure a game victory, they were ultimately overwhelmed by Galactic Lions who take the series 4-1.

Final: The 3 Musketeers vs. AneVia RL

AneVia had come a long way in this cup, not only for revenge win against Orks, but also getting revenge against LoseMuchRating who defeated them in the second round of Go4 #23, and even defeating Gold Rush in their path to the finals. But they would face an even larger hurdle against the powerhouses known as The 3 Musketeers, who after a rescinded roster change, look stronger and more dangerous then ever.

The first game started off in a dominating fashion for 3 Musketeers, taking an early lead by a wide margin. While they still managed to win that game 5-3, the goals scored by AneVia were in the later minutes of the game, showing they were adapting to 3 Musketeers' play style. From here on the games would be quite close, as 3 Musketeers would take the second game 3-2 and AneVia would answer back with their own 3-2 victory in the third. After some more nail-biter matches, 3 Musketeers would come out on top taking the next two games 2-1 and 3-2 respectively and thus claiming the Go4 Cup #24 victory with the series at 4-1.

Despite their loss, the incredible resurgence of AneVia is quite noteworthy, being able to immediately contend with the best of the best in ESL. If their only issue is consistency, as suggested by the live cast by Roken91 and Alieuzz, this team will become very dangerous, very quickly.

Congratulations to The 3 Musketeers on their victory in this Go4 Cup, their team interplay only gets stronger as each tournament passes. Also we will see if this ever improving team can face their current demons, Crown & Jewels, in the Go4 December Monthly happening later today.

Special Thanks

Thanks go out once again to Roken91 for covering this Go4 Cup. You can find his coverage with special guest analyst Alieuzz on his twitch channel in two parts, Or on his Youtube channel in two parts.

ESL Go4 December Monthly Cup

Be sure to tune in later today on Tekno Link's twitch channel for the December Monthly tournament! The teams to be featured are:

-Crown & Jewels
-Galactic Lions
-Supersonic Avengers
-The 3 Musketeers
-Torched eSports

Each of these teams have definitely earned their right to be placed in this final, whether it's consistent placement in the top 8 or higher in each of the weekly cups or multiple dominating victories. The favourite going into this is by no secret, Crown & Jewels, but each of these teams have proven to be very strong contenders and none have given up easy wins to anyone. The only way to be sure is to get over to Tekno Link's twitch channel to find out!
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