Go4 Europe Cup #21 Wrap-up!
The Go4 Rocket League Europe Cup #21 has been an interesting one with some of the more dominating teams not present, giving some on the cusp of taking the title their shot at victory.

Quarter Finals

Match 1: Firewall vs. Manteca_FC

The first match would show the up-and-coming Firewall square off against a newer team of veterans, Manteca_FC who had SK Gaming's Dadooh as a substitute for DeBoer. Firewall would establish a commanding lead in the beginning with a shutout in game 1, but Manteca then quickly recovered and managed to fight back taking 2 games with a one goal lead. The next game, Manteca took an early lead and Firewall quickly answered back to make the game a one goal deficit yet again. After a good minute of straight aggression from Firewall, Manteca would capitalize on a bad pass in the last 20 seconds of play and take the game and the series, 3-1.

Match 2: Galactic Lions vs Nightmare Surf

This match showcased 2 teams that had some bad luck in the recent Go4 cups, facing off against some of the top teams and being eliminated early. Not this week however, as they would face each other in the quarter finals. Nightmare surf had some great success in the Midweek Madness 2v2 tournament, taking 2nd place; while Galactic Lions managed to take out Disconnected on their way to the top8. Galactic Lions would prove to be the stronger team and take this series 3-1.

Match 3: SHIFTplay vs. Underkovert

Underkovert had indeed continued playing as well as they did last week and make it back into the top 8, they would face off against a fan-favourite, SHIFTplay. Unfortunately for SHIFT, Underkovert were too determined to place higher than last week and they would take the series 3-1.

Match 4: Top Men vs. Torched eSports

Another underdog would claw their way to the top 8 this week, Top Men haven't placed very well in the past few weeks but it's definitely refreshing to see more teams stepping their game up, it makes for some intense competition. They would be up against the veterans Torched, and despite being a close match, would fall short and Torched would take the series 3-2.

Semi Finals

Match 1: Manteca_FC vs. Galactic Lions

This is one of those matches that had to be seen to be believed. Thankfully, you can see it on Teknolink's channel which will be linked below. Both of these teams had some incredible games and highlight reel-worthy plays. Being so evenly matched, the series came down to a single golden-goal in game 5's overtime. Galactic Lions took advantage of a scramble in Manteca's zone and clenched out the series 3-2.

Match 2: Underkovert vs. Torched eSports

In the second semi final match, Underkovert would have to overcome the powerful opponent that is Torched. This match would prove the difference that tournament experience can make as Torched swept the series 3-0.

3rd Place Decider: Manteca_FC vs. Underkovert

Finally a 3rd place decider match that wasn't won by default. Manteca, from their narrow loss to Galactic Lions, were determined to win against Underkovert who would have to shake off being swept by Torched in the previous round. While Underkovert would manage to take a game off the seasoned veterans, Manteca took the series 4-1.

Finals: Galactic Lions vs Torched eSports

Galactic Lions so far had an amazing run, taking out previous monthly champions and high level teams, a victory here would definitely make a statement to the other squads that they are strong contenders to be feared in the future. They would have to get over one final hurdle in the already strong contenders that were fresh off a sweep win, Torched. Torched's game plan that they had may have worked against Underkovert but it quickly fell apart against an unstoppable Galactic Lions. With 2 shutout wins and only one high scoring game which they still won 6-4, Galactic Lions took the title for the first time against some incredibly worthy adversaries and sweeping the final series 4 games to 0.

Congratulations to Galactic Lions for winning the Go4 Weekly #21. Will they be able to retain this dominance once the powerhouse Crown&Jewels (aka. PeaceHater) presumably return for the Go4 Cup #22? The only one thing for certain is that it will not be a tournament to be missed.


Coverage of this week's games can be found on Teknolink's twitch channel. Covering the quarter finals and up which can be found in 2 videos here and here.
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