What is the rehab?

Cheating on ESL is punished with the hardest barrage possible, a barrage of two years. In the fast-moving world of online-gaming, this is almost equivalent to a lifetime barrage. But the ESL gives convicted Cheaters the one-time possibility to rehabilitate themselves by writing an essay.

But why all this effort?

There are two main reasons for this concept: Without whitewashing it or defining it down - for example a young player can commit a one-time folly without thinking about the consequences. Ignorance is no excuse, but a user who maybe just enters the online-world naive can't be compared to a long-time hardcore-cheater. This is why some players may deserve a second chance.

The second reason is the reduction of fakeaccounts. We have very good tools against such accounts, but most of our barred cheaters try it anyway to circumvent their barrage. So if there's some honest player who stands by his mistake and wants to change his behavior, it's always better to support this instead of forcing him to get a new virtual identity.

How to rehab

General information

  • There is only one chance to write this essay.
  • If the player fails to pass all criteria, there is no second chance!
  • Recidivists are generally not allowed to write a rehab.
  • Creating or using a fakeaccount or any other account results in the immediate loss of the chance to rehabilitate.
  • A cheater using metamod/SSH also isn't allowed to write a rehab.

Application for a rehab

  • 6 months of probation after a granted rehab
  • Comprehensible English with minimum mistakes
  • A rehabilitation request is accepted three months after the barrage was given at the earliest
  • Open protests, support tickets or fakeaccount suspicions have to be cleared before applying for a rehab
  • You will not receive information concerning your rehabilitation earlier than six month after your barrage started

The essay - Important facts

  • The essay topic is only given by a rehab-admin. Essays written without a topic are ignored.
  • Everything concerning the rehab (questions, essay etc.) have to be posted in the ticket as a text.
  • The essays are checked on spelling, grammar, style, expression and content.
  • Any influences from third parties as well as distributing the essay will result in an immediate refusal or cancellation.
  • Besides the essay topic, you can (but don't have to) reflect on your own experience with cheats, including your cheating in the ESL.

Rehab granted

  • In case of a successful rehab, the penalty points for cheating are reduced to seven.
  • All other penalties like offense-barrages etc. stay unaltered.
  • The rehab gets abrogated if the user violates any condition of his probation.
  • If the base of the rehab doesn't exist anymore, in example false statements in the essay, it gets abrogated.

The conditions

  • In every game that has a demo- or replay-function, you have to upload it.
  • Using ESL Anti Cheat in supported games is required!
  • No heavy breaking of any rules in the next six months. A once forgotten screenshot doesn't count as heavy.
  • If such things happen regularly, the rehab can however be canceled.
  • No breach of the netiquette (offenses etc.)!
  • Creating or using any fake- or other account will cancel the rehab.
  • According to the case, the rehab-team can add additional conditions that are not listed here.


Players applied for a rehab 231 166 151 70 22 73 43
Players were succesful 22 17 10 10 6 32 12
Players didn't get a rehab 209 149 141 60 16 41 31
Rehab got revoked 5 2 1 0 0 0 0

Contact the rehab team

Please login to your ESL account in order to contact the rehab team. This will help us to better help you with your request.