ESL Rainbow Six Community Casters

On this page you can find all the ESL Community Casters. They are allowed to stream all ESL Tournaments (Community Cups, Go4s, etc) without any extra authorization from the admins or players.

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European Community Casters

Platform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC killbob161 Link Link YT.killbob161 English / German
PC/PS4 Scorpy Link - ScorpyR6 English / German
PC med1cz Link Link med1cz.r6adria English / Croatian
PC AlbanPL Link Link John_Random_PL Polish
PC Taemys Link Link Taemys. English
PC IamBenji Link - IamMBenji English / German
PC Fio' Link Link SFPD-Fio French
PC DineroJD Link Link Dinero_JD French
PC Farconer Link Link FarcoCaster French
PC psda or ENHRobz Link Link ENH.Robz or ENH.psda French
PC Sixquatre- Link Link OfficialFRCast French / English
PC Marciu Link Link Marciu. Polish
PC dtSniper Link - dtSniper.GPV German
Xbox One Demo Link Link Demo `ESL English
PS4 DigitalThunder Link Link DigitalThunderTV German
PC JabbaBC Link Link JabbaBC English / Turkish
PC Cornpop16 Link Link Cornpop-16 English
Xbox/PC LordAlphaTV Link Link LordAlphaTV French
PC castfr Link - KaaPo2CastFR French
PS4 Badrookie1977 Link Link KwB8_Black_Eye German
PC Vapo Link Link Vapo- English
PC Hap Link Link Hap_R6 English
PC I.R Swish Link Link IRSwish French
PC Nespose Link Link Nespose French
PS4/PC Gamecatering Link Link Ultrafighter86 German
PS4/PC Prismatier Link Link Prismatier German
PC r0usty.DL Link Link r0usty.DL Finnish
PC Bone DaDDy Link Link Bone_DaDDy.WiLD Hungarian
PC B3RC1. Link Link B3RC1. Hungarian
PC / PS4 k1kS. Link Link Thek1kS. Polish
PC / PS4 ThoreBnB Link - ThoreBnB / Thore_Lhm German / English
PC FasterTL Link - FasterTL Russian
PC Kivvi Link - Coach_Kivvi French
PC zoot Link Link zotastic English
PC Daedalus Link Link DaedalusCaster English
PC Scok Link - Sc.k French
PC Vespertus. Link Link Vespertus. Russian
PC NeTfLeX Link Link NeTfLeX. English/German
PC MrXavito Link Link Mr.Xavito Spanish
PC Kenobi Link - Kenobi.44 Spanish
PC R0SS Link - MarcR0SS Spanish/English
PC Snurreleif Link - Snurreleif Spanish/English

North and Latin American Community Casters

Plattform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC Fluke Link Link Cap_Fluke English
PC Sternab Link - Sternab.Ace English
PC Taemys Link Link Taemys. English
PC guillethekid Link Link tv.guillethekid Portuguese
PC Moskaum Link Link Moskaum English/Portuguese
PC Flynn Link - Flynn. English
PC TaffsX Link Link TaffsX Portuguese
PC Handsome Link Link HandsomeLIVE English
PC SepZeRa Link - arezpes. Portuguese
PC Uzum9ki Link - Uzumonkey English
PC ThatComona Link - ThatComona English
PC DemonicRobots Link - DemonicRobots English
PC Teedious Link Link Teedious.PWR English
PC JG Link Link oJGz Portuguese
PC ManPantsLive Link - IAmStreaming, NotManPants English
PC Twizted Link - flexyy.Hydra English
PC Fanta Link - fantaaa_ Portuguese
PC Martrixe Link - Martrixe.vk Portuguese
PC Shocks Link - PraizeD. English
PC GaL_. Link - GaL_. Portuguese
PC eCentral Link - eCentral English
PC supr Link - supr.eGang English
Xbox One Razorz Link - its Razorz English