ESL Rainbow Six Community Casters

The application is currently closed. 

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APAC Community Casters

Platform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC Streamline Media Link Link broadcastapac English
PC Checker Link Link RnC.Fps Chinese / Cantonese
PC Bluepanda Link   CameraManStan /NutteryANZ English
PC JCG Link Link OBSERVER_JP_01 Japanese
PC R6S KR Link Link benizar Korean
PC Mag Link Link Mag.FNC English

European Community Casters

Platform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC med1cz Link Link med1cz.r6adria English / Croatian
PC Fio' Link Link SFPD-Fio French
Xbox/PC LordAlphaTV Link Link LordAlphaTV French
PS4 Badrookie1977 Link Link KwB8_Black_Eye German
PC Hap Link Link Hap_R6 English
PC I.R Swish Link Link IRSwish French
PC Bone DaDDy Link Link Bone_DaDDy.WiLD Hungarian
PC iKi_ Link Link iKi_ French
PC Golgoo13_ Link Link Golgoo.WaSn French
PC Despo Link Link Amigo.- German/English
PC ThoreBnB Link Link Thore_B.and.B German/English
PC Sternab Link - Sternab. English
PC Demo Link - Demo-. English
PC R0SS Link Link MarcR0SS.VGD Spanish/English
PC Fluke Link Link Cap_Fluke English
PC AlexPolo Link Link AlexPolo_ Spanish
PC B3RC1 Link Link B3RC1. Hungarian
PC HansIV4 Link Link HansIV4 French
PC ThorsHero Link Link Thors_Hero German
PC Frenchi Link Link FrenchiR6S French
PC silver219 Link - silver219.FG German
PC Ethem-TR Link Link Ethem-TR Turkish
PC LastZer0 Link Link LastZer0. Greek
PC TheNinja720FTW Link - TheNinja720FTW English
PC Fraser Link - Fraser.DV English
PC C4NARY Link - C4NARY English
PC FastAnne Link Link FabiAnne.G2 English
PC PaFKozak Link Link Kozak.PaF French
PC GerryTheMusicMan Link Link GerryDaMusicMan English
PC Noircis Link Link ExN.Noircis French
PC TwoDoors Link Link TwoDoors- English

North and Latin American Community Casters

Platform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC Moska1m Link Link NaoeoMoska1m English/Portuguese
PC SepZeRa Link - SuperSePz-_- Portuguese
PC Uzumaki Link - Uzumaki.- English
PC Jesse J Chick Link Link JesseJChick English
PC Razorz Link Link Razorz. English
PC BennyAu Link Link BennyAu English
PC Foxtrot Link - FoXtRoT_08 English/Spanish
PC RomeoTheCaster Link - RomeotheCaster English/Spanish
PC DityUy Link - DityUy Spain
PC LukeeR Link Link Luukeer Portuguese
PC TaffsX Link Link TaffsX English
PC JG Link Link oJGz Portuguese
ONE LIDesert LIFox Link - LIDesert LIFox Spanish
PC LoafCasts Link - Loaf.UTK English
PC nKiraG Link - nKiraG_ Portuguese
PC CookieZ Link Link CookieZ.Caster English
PC KraTyr- Link Link KraTyr-HYPE English
PC TriicK. Link - Triick. Spanish
PC Poseidon Link - Poseidon.UTe English
PC o_bonz0 Link Link Bonz0. Portuguese
PC MisfitMidas Link Link MisfitMidas.M5 English
PC Sigmna Link Link Zero.3kd English
PC NtrnsX.- Link - NtrnsX.- English
PC Babagusta Link Link S.BabaGusta.S English
PC Crow.ALM Link - Crow.ALM English
PC Agreshn.Ace Link - Agreshn.Ace English
PC PeteyPeeks Link Link PeekingPete English

South America Community Casters

Platform Name Twitch Youtube Gameaccount Language
PC Angel "Lordcaster" Link - Angel.Lord Spanish
PC Rafael "Foxtrot" Link - Yoni_Mato Spanish
PC Jorge "Kanserix" Link - Kanserix.- Spanish
PC Marcos "SimpleMarcos" Link - SimplemenMarcos Spanish
PC Ignacio "Triick" Link - TriicK. Spanish
PC Isaias "Zoro" Link - ZoroMataketo Spanish
PC Diego Chaer "Joe Pino" Link - Joe_Pino. Spanish
PC Ilse "Ace_Ilse" Link - ACE.AcT.ilsE Spanish
PC Edgar "JosephEdgar17" Link - JosephEdgar17 Spanish
PC Juan "GamingOhs" Link - Fuze.Da.Hostage Spanish
PC Gustavo " Maple Games " Link - Maplecito Spanish
PC Claudio "Cinnacup" Link - Cinnacup Spanish
PC nKiraG Link - nKiraG_ Portuguese
PC LukeeR Link Link Luukeer Portuguese