History Blame the guy from Belgium
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11.01.18 12:40h  register_team  ToTheTop (4597067)
11.01.18 12:46h  change_name  At least Oliver ain't Driving
11.01.18 13:14h  new_member  chemicaljens (5745902)
11.01.18 13:17h  new_member  Reaper (8572913)
11.01.18 13:19h  change_name  Finding Dawae
11.01.18 13:21h  new_member  BloodArtist (7775638)
11.01.18 13:22h  join_league  ESL Play ESL PUBG Intern Squad Tournament #8
11.01.18 13:23h  change_name  Do you know da wae?
12.04.18 17:00h  join_league  ESL Play PUBG Intern SQUAD Cup #9 Global
13.04.18 11:40h  change_name  Fortniters
13.04.18 11:41h  change_name  Facebook stole my data
13.04.18 11:50h  change_name  Blame the guy from Belgium
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