Soniqs vs. Leftovers
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Status: closed
MatchID 36989803
Date Friday, 12/07/19 21:30
Calculated 13/07/19 00:18
best_of 3
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0 : 2
Leftovers wins !
13/07/19 00:20
16.3 MB, 13/07/19 00:20, by adam
13/07/19 00:22
8.7 MB, 13/07/19 00:22, by Jarvis
13/07/19 00:20
6.8 MB, 13/07/19 00:20, by Bryan
13/07/19 00:18
6.4 MB, 13/07/19 00:18, by TrippenOut
13/07/19 00:19
10.9 MB, 13/07/19 00:19, by Avian (sQ)
13/07/19 00:22
8.4 MB, 13/07/19 00:22, by Krazy
13/07/19 00:20
13.7 MB, 13/07/19 00:20, by Goddess (sQ)


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Map pool: Bank-Club House-Villa-Coastline-Border-Consulate-Kafe Dostoyevsky

Soniqs decides who starts map veto

Keep in mind that map veto must be done in match comments

Map Veto format:
(team that is not picking map, picks starting side)

A Ban
B Ban
A Pick
B Pick
A Ban
B Ban
Remaining map is 3rd map.

The team that doesn't pick starting sides, can decide starting side on OT. If your match has a caster please notify them of the side choice. If no side is chosen in a timely manner the starting sides for OT will be random.
Leftovers can ban first
ban clubhouse
ban bank
pick coastline
we'll take D on coast.

pick villa
we want Defense on Villa, Ban Kafe
ban border
Hello. I’m ​an ​official ​ESL ​Caster ​and ​I ​will ​cast ​and ​host ​this ​game. Please ​add: ​Uzum9ki.Hydra The stream can be found here: Twitter: Official ​caster ​list:
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