ESL Anti-Cheat Guide
This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and testing ESL Wire Anti-Cheat.

Setting up ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the ESL Wire client.

Step 2: Run the ESL Wire client as administrator. Upon opening, the client will prompt you to log in to your ESL account.

Step 3: Click on the "Play" tab to view a list of your installed games. The ESL Wire client will automatically detect your games and add them into this list.

If the ESL Wire client does not detect Rainbow Six: Siege, you must manually add the game into your library using the following steps.

  • Click on "Add Game" and select the "Add a game manually" option.
  • Select Rainbow Six: Siege from the list of games.
  • Select the executable file for Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • The ESL Wire client will scan your registry for any registry keys connected to Rainbow Six: Siege. If any registry keys are detected, you may select any of them. If no registry keys are detected, click “Add without keys”.
  • The ESL Wire client will launch the game and perform a test to determine the main executable file. Allow Rainbow Six: Siege to open into the Main Menu before closing the game. After you have closed the game, click “Game is closed”.
  • The ESL Wire client will have detected the main executable file for the game. Select the file and click "Done" to complete the process.

    Step 4: Completely close the ESL Wire client.

    Testing ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

    Step 1: Join the ESL Anti-Cheat Test team here. The password to join the team is “wireactest”.

    Step 2: Run the ESL Wire client as administrator and click on the Play tab. You should now have a list of Anti-Cheat test matches in your list. Double click on the “6 More Matches” option to reveal the Rainbow Six: Siege test match.

    Step 3: Right click on the Rainbow Six: Siege match and select "Launch game".

    Step 4: A confirmation window will open. Ensure that the “Match / Gather / PCW” and “Anti-Cheat” boxes are checked and click "Start".

    Step 5: A small Anti-Cheat window will open as it prepares to start your game. The ESL Wire client should also show that Anti-Cheat is active. This process may take several minutes.

    Step 6: Once Rainbow Six: Siege has launched, you should leave it open for around five minutes. We advise that you play a test game during this time. Afterwards, completely close Rainbow Six: Siege.

    Step 7: The Anti-Cheat will transmit data from your session. This process may take several minutes.

    Step 8: Once the Anti-Cheat process has completed, the Match Media Upload window will open. Click on "Close".

    Step 9: To confirm that the Anti-Cheat test was successful, right click on the test match and go to the web page of the match.

    On the match page, click on the small arrow next to “ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Logfiles”. Scroll down through the list until you find your ESL account name. Confirm that the login and logout times are accurate. If the times are correct, the Anti-Cheat test was successful.

    If you have any additional questions about the ESL Wire client or Anti-Cheat please submit a support ticket here.

    Stay Tuned!

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