Mapvote System Tutorial
We are pleased to announce that we have established a map veto system, which is now live for all Rainbow Six Siege cups. This feature will allow a quick and efficient way for players to pick and ban maps. The feature will be displayed on the matchpage. Any team member can conduct the map veto process.

How does it work?

For tournaments, the higher seeded team will ban first. For ladder matches, the system will randomly select a team to ban first. Maps will be banned alternately until there is 1 map remaining. The logic will be the same for all "best of" series. The chronological order in which the maps will be played is also determined by vote.

Stay tuned!

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8765669, Sunday, 31/01/16 15:30
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Is this a program?
is this viewable?
Where it will be shown?
AndyHora wrote:
Where it will be shown?

On the website. So no worries about downloads or something :P
how do u get to that screen
Axel wrote:
how do u get to that screen

I don't know fore sure I'm new aswell but probably when you check in and start the match after you check in it will probably show up
bonne chance !
my question is, if kanal is still in the line up but not in the ESL map pool and was replaced by Coastline, do we just select CL as the map when setting up the match?
Axel wrote:
how do u get to that screen
when u check in you go to the bracket then click on your match once you find it
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