Headphone Users vs. FBI Gaming
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 0.  26.

 Headphone Users
 FBI Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 39490915
Date Thursday, 14 May 07:00
Calculated Thursday, 14 May 07:35
Created by Matchmaker
Map 1 Coastline
best_of 1
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7 : 1
Headphone Users wins !
Points +28 : -28

FBI Gaming

Headphone Users

comments (6)
Who's hosting?
We have a teammate that would like to spectate the game. To make sure he isn’t saying anything and cheating he would be in your party. If not that’s fine and we host because we are ranked higher
Me and my tm8s decided not to have an espectator mostly because we don't trust people we don't know maybe the next time we play vs each other but this our first time playing. Sorry
Okay that’s totally fine glfh
Are u guys ready?
attack or defend first?
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