Bombers vs. Vice
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Status: closed
MatchID 39445737
Date Monday, 11 May 03:30
Calculated Monday, 11 May 05:26
Round Round of 64
Map 1 Kafe Dostoyevsky
best_of 1
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5 : 7
Vice wins !
Monday, 11 May 05:22
53 kB, Monday, 11 May 05:22, by Soutien
* No longer available


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Since both teams progressed to the match before 23 pm EDT the match must be played today
1.3.5. Match postpone wrote:
Any match that can start before 11:00 PM (CET for EU tournaments, EDT/EST for North American Tournaments and BRT for Latin American Tournaments) must be played on the tournament day. Matches where one (or both) of the teams progress to after this deadline can be moved to the next day. Teams need to open up a protest and find an agreement for it. If only the final and the 3rd place matches have to be postponed they can, exceptionally, be moved up to three days starting from the starting day of the tournament with the approval of an admin through a protest. If both teams agree to play a match on the tournament day after 11:00 PM, they are allowed to do so. Matches which started after this time must be played till the end. However, in case of an issue, the admin team may not be available.
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