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Nick Cobra
Member since 16/02/16
Age / Gender 22 Years / male
Nationality  France
Country France
Main team Anti-Fake Global
Homepage --
► Volunteer Staff Head for Naruto Shippuden.
► Volunteer Admin for the VR League.
► Volunteer Admin for the Global Anti-Fake Squad and Game Operations Squad.

No support by private messages or emails. Only by support ticket.
Level & Awards
Rainbow Six: Siege (One)
Rainbow Six: Siege
FIFA 17 (One)
Black Squad
Rainbow Six: Siege (PS4)
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  Staff   Staff ESL Global 
Recent matches
  FIFA 18 (One) 1on1 Community Cup Europe #13
loss Tpsq  0 Thursday, 18/01/18 13:00
  Go4FIFA (One) Europe Cup #12
loss eE.Csibbazzz  0 Sunday, 18/12/16 13:00
  Go4FIFA (One) Europe Cup #11
loss AvogadroX  0 Sunday, 11/12/16 13:00
  FIFA 17 (One) 1on1 Community Cup #8 Europe
loss dnagm88  0 Thursday, 08/12/16 13:30
win (bye)  Thursday, 08/12/16 13:00
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