Competition Structure

Tournament General Details:
  • Season Cup System: 2 Open Qualifiers per month. Double Elimination Bracket. Top 8 teams from each cup will receive leaderboard points.
    • Earn victories for the seasonal ranking.
    • Top 4 teams with most points at the end of season will go to finals within their territory.
    • Check the ranking to track your points.

Please check the rulebook for the complete tournament series information.

Upcoming Open Tournaments


Prize distribution for Biweekly Qualifiers
Place       Reward
 1st       8 points + 37,800 R6 Credits per team
 2nd       7 points + 24,600 R6 Credits per team
 3rd       6 points + 13,350 R6 Credits per team
 4th       5 points + 13,350 R6 Credits per team
 5th       4 points + 6000 R6 Credits per team
 6th       3 points + 6000 R6 Credits per team
 7th       2 points + 6000 R6 Credits per team
 8th       1 point + 6000 R6 Credits per team

Prize distribution for Season Final

Place       Reward
 1st       $600 per team
 2nd       $350 per team
 3rd & 4th       $250 per team

Cash prize values referenced are always before taxes. For this competition ESL uses Matcherino to deliver prize money. Matcherino will automatically deduct any applicable taxes from prize winnings, except where prohibited by local law.


Spain GSA Benelux V4
Northern France Italy

Past Tournaments