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The.Wishmaster  id: 9818956
Name Rehan "The.Wishmaster" Ray 
Nick The.Wishmaster
Member since 03/02/16
Age / Gender - / male
Nationality  Netherlands
Territory Netherlands
Occupation Global Marketing Manager
Main team Flash Point Esports
Pro R6 Player & IGL for Sector One EU with Tons of ESL and LAN experience.
1x CL - 3x ESL R6 Benelux League LAN Finalist.
Ex Goskilla, Flash Point eSports, RoyalBlue, Triple Play, SSQ, etc. Have been playing FPS games since 14 years with some Pro / Semi Pro Level experience. Have won several LANs & Go4s. Chill AF :)

Twitter @Wishmaster_Ray
Level & Awards
  2 Awards  
Rainbow Six: Siege
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