Exodus  id: 11667243
CPU Ryzen 7 1700
RAM 16GB@3800CL20
Videocard Rog Strix Vega 56(stock, undervolted, 56 bios)
Storage WD Blue .m2 + no brand chinese pci-e x4 1gb/s
Motherboard Asrock Fatal1ty x370 Gaming K4
Display Benq Zovie XL2735 + Dell 60hz 1080p
Mouse Logitech G Pro Wireless
Mousepad Asus ROG Scabbard
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow 2014
Headphones Audio-Techica ATH-MSR7BBK
Connection 300 up&down
Movie Interstate 60
Music Motorhead, Muse
Song Overkill - Electric Rattlesnake, Necroshine, Come
Book Unwind - Neal Shusterman
Book author Stephen King
Person Lemmy Kimister
Map Consulate
Player OniChan
Console Xbox One X
R6 Comp coach/analyst for Granit Gaming Nordic team
I was once good in thunt, droning and theory. Grinded aim a while ago. Hit some nutty shots.
Played for: Messengers Fate, NameLess, Solidarity(short term), Omlette du fromage(short term), Varius Nerva(short term).
Coached: Messengers Fate, HH NA, ERS, Polar Ace(Valor) SEA PL.
Also been a sub, manager etc.

No achievements I'd like to mention, only some good matches in some cups.
My experience includes: Nordic Championship League S1(Coach) as well as other nonsense: Bomb cup EU, CIS, Go4s EU, Nordic Championship old cups; qualifiers for CCS, ESA, OZ, CL, Majors; Iron, Buteo, Charity Cups; Prometheus and some other leagues as well as a bunch of small local tournaments, leagues and LANs. I did win some prizemoney and some gear etc, however these is nothing I'd like to highlight as an achievement as a player.