G2 Esports vs. Salamander
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 G2 Esports
Status: closed
MatchID 37737874
Date Monday, 16 December 20:30
Calculated Monday, 16 December 22:47
Round Quarterfinals
best_of 3
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2 : 0
G2 Esports wins !
Monday, 16 December 22:47
8.7 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:47, by Pengu (G2)
Monday, 16 December 22:47
8.4 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:47, by Kantoraketti (G2)
Monday, 16 December 22:45
9.0 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:45, by w1oza (SGG)
Monday, 16 December 22:47
6.8 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:47, by UUNOMEISTER (G2)
Monday, 16 December 22:46
11.6 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:46, by Hedsut (SGG)
Monday, 16 December 22:46
7.1 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:46, by cryn. (G2)
Monday, 16 December 22:45
5.7 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:45, by DogeFather (SGG)
Monday, 16 December 22:44
7.9 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:44, by Lino (SGG)
Monday, 16 December 22:46
9.8 MB, Monday, 16 December 22:46, by Fabian (G2)

G2 Esports


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Map pool: Bank-Club House-Villa-Coastline-Border-Consulate-Kafe Dostoyevsky

Coin flip decides who bans first

Keep in mind that map veto must be done in ESL Play match comments

Map Veto format:
(Team that is not picking map, picks starting side)
(Team that is not picking starting side, picks starting side on OT)

A Ban
B Ban
A Pick
B Pick
A Ban
B Ban
Remaining map is 3rd map.
(starting side on map 3 is decided by team that has better round difference after first 2 maps. In case of a tie, coinflip will be made by the admin)

Remember to run ESL Anti-Cheat tools for whole duration of the match.
Post deleted.
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Hello Teams,

I’m an official ESL Caster and I will cast and host this game. Please
add me to get invited into the lobby: "B3RC1.". The match will be
broadcasted on https://twitch.tv/esporthutv
Official caster list: https://play.eslgaming.com/rainbowsix/streams
@B3RC1 can we again share the cleanfeed?
Then I would be casting in english from his cleanfeed https://www.twitch.tv/silver219phx
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Hello teams, I would like to spectate the game. May I? Add me "Limo.-" @B3RC1
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G2 please choose heads or tails for the coinflip.
Tails: https://i.imgur.com/0B8VUwy.png

Salamander please choose first or second ban.
G2 starts the map veto
If you are not involved in the match, please do NOT post comments on the match page. It is rude, distracting and completely unprofessional.
Ban Club House
Ban Consulate
Pick Coastline

Pick defense on Coastline

Pick Border

Pick defense on Border OT
DEF Border
Ban Kafe
Ban Bank
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