G2 Esports vs. ToZeDrop
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 G2 Esports
Status: closed
MatchID 37737865
Date Monday, 16 December 18:00
Calculated Monday, 16 December 20:07
Round Round of 16
best_of 3
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Result Media
2 : 0
G2 Esports wins !
Monday, 16 December 20:04
8.6 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:04, by Pengu (G2)
Monday, 16 December 20:10
8.9 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:10, by UUNOMEISTER (G2)
Monday, 16 December 20:25
17.8 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:25, by MbyPrime
Monday, 16 December 20:08
10.6 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:08, by Kantoraketti (G2)
Monday, 16 December 20:11
14.6 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:11, by Whiteshark67
Monday, 16 December 20:06
14.4 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:06, by Kabylou
Monday, 16 December 20:06
8.4 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:06, by cryn. (G2)
Monday, 16 December 20:09
10.0 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:09, by Aurel
Monday, 16 December 20:04
9.8 MB, Monday, 16 December 20:04, by Fabian (G2)

G2 Esports


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comments (19)
I’m an official ESL Caster and I will cast and host this game
Please add me to get invited into the lobby : FrenchiR6S
The match will be broadcasted on https://twitch.tv/frenchir6s
Official caster list: https://play.eslgaming.com/rainbowsix/streams
Map pool: Bank-Club House-Villa-Coastline-Border-Consulate-Kafe Dostoyevsky

G2 decides who starts map veto -better seed

Keep in mind that map veto must be done in esl.play match comments

Map Veto format:
(Team that is not picking map, picks starting side)
(Team that is not picking starting side, picks starting side on OT)

A Ban
B Ban
A Pick
B Pick
A Ban
B Ban
Remaining map is 3rd map.
(starting side on map 3 is decided by team that has better round difference after first 2 maps. In case of a tie, coinflip will be made by the admin)

Remember to run ESL Anti-Cheat tools for whole duration of the match.
Hey guys, I'll be your admin for the first two rounds of the cup. Please keep match issues to the protest system. If there's anything I can do to assist you outside of your match, can use the support ticket system or reach out to me on Discord: james.foster#0001

Please note vetos must be completed one hour prior to the start time.
Yunktis starts the veto
As per 6.16.1, Yunktis has passed the 10 minute deadline. Their ban goes to G2.
Ban Consulate
Ban Kafe
1 edits
As per 2.18.3 Yunktis has missed the deadline to choose their map pick. Their pick goes to G2.
Pick Villa
Pick Defense
As per 2.18.3 Yunktis has missed the deadline to choose their OT pick. Their OT pick goes to G2.
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Pick Defense OT
Pick Coastline
Ban Club House
1 edits
Ban Border
1 edits
You need to pick your starting side for Coastline.
Atk on Coast
We pick ATK for OT
Sorry for that veto , i wasn't supposed to do it at first.

lets go G2
allez si brahim
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