Wizards e-Sport Club vs. deleted Team R6S
Contestants Parameters

 Wizards e-Sport Club
 deleted Team R6S
Status: closed
MatchID 34336659
Date Sunday, 04 December 17:00
Calculated Sunday, 04 December 17:46
Round Round of 32
Map 1 Chalet
best_of 1
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0 : 1
deleted Team R6S wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 04 December 17:47
uploaded with ESL Wire 2016-12-04_162207_1973522482_1753855132.zip
1.1 MB, Sunday, 04 December 17:47, by Canijo

deleted Team R6S

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comments (2)
lobby ready since 5 minutes, invited sakke 3 times. matchchat not working
im ready to try it now but admin closed the match instantly. nice fairplay
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