Cryptic Crows vs. AffenMitWaffen Team 1
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 Cryptic Crows
 AffenMitWaffen Team 1
Status: closed
MatchID 39151311
Date Sunday, 19 April 16:30
Calculated Sunday, 19 April 18:48
Round Round of 128
Map 1 Theme Park
best_of 1
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1 : 0
Cryptic Crows wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 19 April 17:20
Protest - Go4R6 (PC) Europe Cup #219 _ ESL*
33 kB, Sunday, 19 April 17:20, by AmW.Lauch_Lurch (AmW)
* No longer available
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comments (2)
in case the next team is waiting, the game hasn't started yet. And it will take a few more minutes for it to start because the previous match had a protest.
Guys, it is BO1 and not BO5 right?
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