LAGr Gaming  LAGr  id:  15512334
Name LAGr Gaming
Registered since 04/05/20
Headquarters  International
Area/Region Europe
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Latest matches
  Go4R6 (PC) Europe Cup #222
loss   Team KnockOut  0 Sunday, 10/05/20 12:00 11
wins   LSk eSport Club  + 2 Sunday, 10/05/20 10:30
wins   DeafEurope  + 2 Sunday, 10/05/20 09:00
About Us
• We evolve and progress as a team, supporting each other every step of the way.
• We aim to scrim 5/7 days a week.
• Our goal is to evolve as players, and eventually compete in the Go4's once we feel comfortable with the line-up.
• We practice individually everyday.
• We are a mix of nationalities
• We aim to create and maintain a friendly, professional and non-toxic environment for all to strive in.
• We are all flexible with the roles we play

• You are 18+ years of age.
• You have a good quality microphone.
• You are able to fully understand and speak the English language at a fluent level.
• You have basic knowledge of the game (Call-outs, common strategies, game sense)
• You are dedicated and are able to practice at least 5/7 days a week.
• You are a non-toxic, respectful person willing to progress as a team.
• You are able to take constructive critism and you strive to improve on your individual skills.