What is the ESL Challenger League?

The ESL Challenger League will be positioned below the ESL Pro League and offers a US$5,000 prize pool to its participants. A total of 8 teams will be participating in the season consisting of group stages and playoffs. At the end of the season the best teams from the league will get the chance to make it into the ESL Pro League.

Ongoing Tournaments



  • Each Team faces each other twice within a Season
  • Top 4 advance to the Playoffs


Position Money
medal_gold_3.png 1. $ 2,500
medal_silver_3.png 2. $ 1,250
medal_silver_3.png 3. $ 750
medal_silver_3.png 4. $ 500
All prizes displayed are per team

Past Tournaments

Help & Support

Do you have any questions, feedback or need help? Please open a support ticket to contact the admin team. In case there is a conflict in a match, please open a protest ticket.