MOSS mandatory in R6:Siege!
Today we announce that MOnitor System Status (MOSS) must be use next to ESL Anticheat. With this tool we make the next step to render fairplay and control the identity. In the news below you find all needed information about this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us eg. on our Discord Server.

ESL Anticheat and MOSS

We have added for a while ESL Anticheat as mandatory tool to all our competition matches to catch cheating players. Now we decided to make the next step to fair games. If a player hasn´t used ESL Anticheat and / or MOSS, the team/player will be punished for this.

What is MOSS?

MOSS has been created in 2010 by Nohope92 to help free games development in ESL. This tool does help online competition leagues to control their players fair play and identity.

MOSS’s features

  • Automatic random screenshots
  • Unique PC identifier based on Hardware information
  • Capture game’s key files
  • Real time Processor Speed versus BIOS setup and box nominal speed
  • Game Exe SHA signature and start time
  • Ingame screenshot stored when PrtnScrn is pressed
  • Keyboard and mouse Macros uses detected and reported including Keys, timing and uses count
  • ESL Wire Anticheat monitoring
  • The Processes names, path and SHA listing at game start

  • More information and download

    On the page of the tool you can find more information and the link to the download. Press on the button below:

    MOnitor System Status


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    Force, Wednesday, 20/04/16 07:00
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    Good news !

    Which one do we have to download ? There are 2 links.
    whats the point when it cant even catch a pro league hacker who is LIVESTREAMING himself hacking?

    pls get real
    u mean Clever? :D
    we will see how good it works, not everyone is so clever like clever :D
    kids will have to spend a lot of money to buy a cheat that bypasses wire and moss
    And how we need to use it for compete?
    for every cup or ladder game
    Let's Go!
    Moss is kinda worthless, this is just ESL attempting to distract us from the problem with a stop-gap "solution".

    Serious changes must be made to ensure fair play, this doesn't change anything.

    Aside from that, I'm more worried about Ubisoft implementing an actual anti-cheat. Because without our community which is laying on the floor bleeding out, the pro scene is nothing. You need casuals to enable professionals with their common interest.
    Sixquatre- wrote:
    Good news !

    Which one do we have to download ? There are 2 links.

    The first one of the page (without the Beta word).

    Force, ESL Global Staff Head of R6:Siege
    And how about explaining to people how not to have any black screen ? And a simple tuto...
    Sixquatre- wrote:
    And how about explaining to people how not to have any black screen ? And a simple tuto...

    Play the game in a renderless window, this should fix this issue.

    Force, ESL Global Staff Head of R6:Siege
    For me, it is impossible to play with MOSS , I have huge loss of fps. A solution for its ?
    Same problem for me ...
    Mandatory Kappa
    i have continuous blacks screens. Please fix it.
    i cant download moss it says it detected a virus on so it wont let me download it what can i do?
    its bad when you download this moss thing and your computer says it can cause harm to your computer
    yeah, 2019 and the program is still listed as suspicious by both my browser and Win10.
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