Community Cup Europe #98 with Swiss system
From Saturday 7.01.2017 on the Community Cups will be played every saturday with the SWISS system. We had tested the tournament system some weeks ago in a german tournament and now we want to bring this into the europe section. All informations about the system and how it works can be find in this news.

Community Cups Saturday´s?

From Saturday 7.01.2017 on the Community Cups will be played every saturday with the SWISS system. The Community Cups on wednesday are not affected. Also we have to move the tournament one hour earlier, so the tournaments will start at 17:00 CET.

What is Swiss?

This is another cup system which is similar to the round-robin system. The Swiss System is used for big Tournaments where a round-robin system would take too long. The goal is to find the best Team after a predetermined number of rounds. If a team loses a match, it will stay in the tournament until the number of lost matches reaches the set parameters. In this tournament this parameter is set to 2, this means you will be eliminated after 2 loses.

How does it work?

The teams play in a number of rounds, but these are less than in the round-robin system. So each team does not have to play against every other team. The teams are paired using a predetermined set of rules designed to ensure that each team plays against opponents with a similar skill level.
The ranking is set through the TB (Tie-Break) points. The team with the highest score wins the tournament. According to the description above the team which loses more than three matches will be eliminated from the tournament.
Each round can only be started if all matches have been completed. Please start your matches fast and try to reach a result in time. If your opponent is not there within 15 minutes after the round has been started, please open a protest ticket.

Tie Breaker Points?

For the TB points the Buchholz system is used. The points you get by winning a match depends on the score of the opponent. If the other team has many points and is ranked highly you will get more points than winning against a weaker team which has only a few points.

For more information please have a look at the Swiss Cup FAQ.

Swiss Cup FAQ

You can join our discord channel for quick questions and to see when the next round will start.

Participate Swiss Community Cup 2017 Europe!

Swiss Community Cup 2017 Europe! (One)

Cup: Swiss
Date: Saturday, 7th of January
Start: 17:00 CET
Check-in: 16:30 CET

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