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FAQ: ESL Anticheat & Gameaccounts

Download ESL Anti-Cheat
How do I add Rainbow Six: Siege to ESL Anti-Cheat?
  1. Donwload and install the latest version of ESL Anti-Cheat. You can get it from this link and you can read about the compatibility of ESL Anticheat here.
  2. Run ESL Anti-Cheat as system administrator.
  3. Run the ESL Wire client as administrator. Upon opening, the client will prompt you to log in to your ESL account.
  4. Click on the "Play" tab to view a list of your installed games. The ESL Wire client will automatically detect your games and add them into this list.
  5. Game automatically added to ESL Anticheat. If the ESL Wire client does not detect Rainbow Six: Siege,you have to add the game manually to your libary with using the following steps.
  6. Click on "Add Game" and select the "Add a game manually" option.
  7. Select Rainbow Six: Siege from the list of games.
  8. Select the executable file for Rainbow Six: Siege.
  9. The ESL Wire client will scan your registry for any registry keys connected to Rainbow Six: Siege. If any registry keys are detected, you may select any of them. If no registry keys are detected, click “Add without keys”.
  10. The ESL Wire client will launch the game and perform a test to determine the main executable file. Allow Rainbow Six: Siege to open into the Main Menu before closing the game. After you have closed the game, click “Game is closed”.
  11. The ESL Wire client will have detected the main executable file for the game. Select the file and click "Done" to complete the process.
  12. Completely close the ESL Wire client.
How do I test if my ESL Anti-Cheat is set up correctly?
  1. Join the ESL Wire testing team.
  2. Run ESL Anti-Cheat. Double Click Rainbow Six:Siege on your gamelist ("Play" tab).
  3. Check the "Match/Gather/PCW" box. Select the "vs. Wire Anti-Cheat team" match from the list. Anti-Cheat option should be checked with gray color.
  4. A small Anti-Cheat window will open as it prepares to start your game. The ESL Wire client should also show that Anti-Cheat is active. This process may take several minutes.
  5. Run the game. Make sure the "Matchmedia upload" window didn't appear
  6. Play a few games to determine how Anti-Cheat works on your PC. It can lower your fps rate if you have multiple applications running at the same time.
  7. Quit the game. Now the "Matchmedia upload" window should appear - this is the signal that the Anti-Cheat has stopped.
  8. Go to the match page.
  9. Below the match Media click on the arrow next to "ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Logfiles" to see the Logs. Search for your nickname there and check the login and logout dates; they should correspond to the time you opened and closed the game. If they are correct, your ESL Anticheat is working correctly!
How do I start a match with ESL Anticheat ?
  1. Go to the match page.
  2. Click the blue "Start Rainbow Six: Siege with ESL Anticheat " button.
  3. If prompted, select "Launch application".
  4. Wait for the Anti-Cheat client to start and launch your game!
  5. After you are logged into the game, go to the matchpage and see if you have a correct login time. Always remember to check this!
  6. If you only have only a login (no logout), you are correctly logged in and can start playing.
  7. If you have a logout before you close the game, you might have configured something wrong! Read below to find out how to fix this, or submit a support ticket.
Frequent problems with ESL Wire Anticheat
  • Uplay ask you to add a gamekey? This issue is mostly related that you have installed two gameversions (Steam & Uplay). Please uninstall one game and restart ESL Wire Anticheat!
  • If you have an instant logout after you login, please reinstall ESL Anticheat!
  • If the "Matchmedia Upload Window" appears as soon as you start your game, please reinstall ESL Anticheat!
  • If the "Transmitting Data" at the end of the game is open for too long, make sure you disable other programs on your computer!
  • If you have persisting problems with ESL Anticheat , try uninstalling and reinstalling the program!
  • If you have persisting problems with ESL Anticheat and is not listed here then please look here!
  • If you have a problem that is not detailed above, please submit a support ticket! Our admin team will be happy to assist you!
How to add a gameaccount
  1. You can find your gameaccount -> Uplay Client top right
  2. To enter your R6:Siege gameaccount on the ESL go to Settings-> Gameaccounts (SteamID, ...)
  3. Search into the dropdown “Uplay Nick” and press on it
  4. Write into the fieled below your Nickname
How to play a match in a cup
  1. Sign in
    First you have to sign in for the cup. 30 minutes before the cup starts you have to confirm your participation by checking in.

  2. Tournament tree
    A few minutes after the cup have officially started you can see the tournament tree by clicking on “bracket”. There you can see all teams in the bracket. (In a SWISS cup there is a ranking and no tournament tree).As soon as the match is created you can see your match on the bottom of the page by clicking on your matches. Go to the Matchsheet. Here you can see all important information about your match. Also you have to ban the maps now. To do this you need “orga” permissions in your team or higher. Here you can find a guide how to ban maps

  3. Matchchat
    To communicate with your opponents you can use the Matchchat. You find the matchchat by “Matches” or in the ESL Anticheat client by clicking on your match.

  4. Create a server
    The team with the lower seed (Higher Number in the Bracket) has to create the server. Now add one of the opponent players to your friendlist. Start your game (On PC via ESL Anticheat and with MOSS. Click Here for a FAQ and create a dedicated server with the respective settings of the Cup. You can find them in the rules. After creating the server you invite all players of your team and the one of the other team.
    Play your match and take a screenshot of the result.

  5. Enter the result
    After the match has finished, close your game and enter the result by clicking on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet. On PC you have to upload your Moss file to the Matchmedia. After the match is closed you proceed in the tournament.

  6. Protest
    If there is a problem in your match you can open a protest and an admin will help you. To open a protest click on “Match setup” at the Matchsheet and now on “Open Protest”. Here you can describe your problem. Please write exactly your problem and upload evidences that an admin can execute it faster without asking you again Please reminder the point 1.7 in the rules.

How to request R6 Credit prizes
You don't have to do anything! The prizes will be sent via email, based on the players you used in your lineup during the tournament.

If you do not submit a lineup, you will not receive credits.