play ESL R6 (One) ML - Y2S2 Europe - Finals

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These are the rules for the ESL R6 (One) ML - Y2S2 Europe - Finals. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Info Page and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. Major League Xbox

1.1. Players

1.1.1. Eligibility

Any person that has a standing cheating ban by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege is ineligible to participate in any ESL-run Rainbow Six leagues and tournaments that have prize funding by Ubisoft, or are an ESL-run qualification event to a Ubisoft-funded Rainbow Six league or tournament. This ineligibility will last long as Ubisoft upholds the cheating ban.

1.1.2. Requirements

  • Only those who have passport, ID Card or any other document for proof of residency in a nation within Europe (the complete list can be found below) can participate in the tournament. All participants of have to be over 18 years of age. If an underage person will take part in the games, his whole team maybe disqualified from the league.

    On top of that, all players need to enter their gameaccounts in their ESL profile.

  • All players need to enter their Xbox Account in their ESL profile.
  • 1.1.3. Confidentiality

    The content of protests, support tickets, discussions or any other correspondence with tournament officials and administrators are deemed strictly confidential. The publication of such material on private or public media channels (such as Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) is prohibited. Breaking this rule will be punished with penalty points and in extreme cases with a suspension of the entire team for the current and the following season.

    1.1.4. Technical Issues

    Players are responsible for their own hardware and internet connection. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues or substitute a player. If a team can´t play with 5 players then this will be resulted as forfeit. Connection

    Everyone is responsible to have a connection (ping) as good as possible for their team region and technical situation. Also, all downloads and other programs which are unnecessary for the match must be turned off. For abusing this rule, the team can be disqualified. High Ping

    The ping limit for an ESL match is 200 ms. If a player is over this value please try to do a re-host first, before a protest is opened. Be sure a dedicated server was created. In the case the player has still a ping over 200 ms and it´s not possible to play the match without problems, a protest can be opened. It only counts as high ping if the ping is continuously over 200! By opening a protest due to high ping the match mustn´t be finished and the team must hand in at least three screenshots of the scoreboard which was taken in different time over two rounds.

    1.1.5. Forbidden

    Usage of a non-licensed controller is strictly prohibited, it will be penalized with 3 penalty points. Usage of all console keyboard adapters is strictly prohibited, it will be penalized with 6 penalty points. If a licensed controller has a macro/turbo/auto-fire option, it cannot be used during league play, otherwise it will be penalized with 6 penalty points.

    1.1.6. Player Settings Graphics drivers, or similar tools

    Any modification or changing of the game using external graphics solutions or other 3rd party programs are strictly prohibited and may be punished under the cheating paragraph

    Furthermore, it's forbidden to use all kinds of overlays which will show the usage rate of the system in any way in-game (e.g. Nvidia SLI display, Rivatuner Overlay). Overlays which will show only the frames per second (FPS) are not forbidden and can be used. Custom Data

    Any changes to sprites, skins, score boards, crosshairs are strictly disallowed, also only the official models are allowed. If a player plays with custom files (not models) or removed files that have been installed by the game, then this will be penalized with two penalty points per player. If a player plays with custom models, then this will be penalized with five 6 penalty points per player and the opponent of the match may request a rematch.

    1.2. Team rules

    1.2.1. Roster

    Team rosters must consist of at least 5 players to participate in a tournament. All roster changes must be made prior the "Team lock" of the team. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in punishment. Number of Players in a Team

    The team roster can hold up to eight members. Team composition

    The team’s lineup for a game should have at least three (3) "original players” who were part of the qualifier or part of the team in the previous season, for the team to be able to play. If a team for any reason does not have the sufficient number of players, it will be removed and if possible the slot will be redistributed by the tournament administration as they see fit. These 3 “original” players needs to play at least first match.

    1.2.2. Substitute Players

    It is only allowed to substitute a player before the match starts. If the match is started (picking operator and spawn points) all 5 players of a team must play the game till the end. Players can be changed in break between maps. This change may not take more than five (5) minutes. If the Player has not joined, or cannot be replaced within five (5) minutes after the pause has started, then the Team with the dropped Player may forfeit the match at admins discretion.

    1.3. Tournament rules

    1.3.1. Settings for the tournament

    All players are expected to follow the given settings. Different agreements are not allowed.

    1.3.2. Rule changes

    To preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship, the ESL Administration reserves the right to change or modify these rules, make decisions not covered by these rules and make judgements that go against these rules.

    1.3.3. Leaving the Server

    All matches must be played to the end, failure to do so will be penalized. A match is considered complete when one Team has reached five (5) of eight (8) rounds during the regular match time or won two (2) of three (3) rounds during overtime on the final map.

    1.3.4. Map Veto

    Map Ban phase via Match veto. The team with the lower seed (higher number in the bracket) get the host right. The game must be hosted on a dedicated server. The dedicated server location must be settled by default (based on ping). The team which kicked out the last map had the choice of the side attacker or defender. In Bo3 the opponent which hadn´t the choice of side on the first map can decide on the second map. On the 3rd map got again the choice of side from the first map. Who is the lower and higher seed? Example: Seed Number

    1.3.5. No show

    If a contestant is not ready to play 15 minutes after both teams have an opponent, then they should be reported as a no show to an admin via protest ticket.

    1.3.6. Forfeit

    If a contestant chooses to forfeit a match, they will forfeit any prizes and if possible will be replaced by their opponent in the previous round.

    1.3.7. Protests

    If a controversial situation not described by this rulebook occurs during a match, the team that has spotted it should immediately stop the match and inform the administrator about it. If the team does not stop the match and continues to play, will be taken as an acceptance of the situation. Because of that the team will lose all rights to file a protest concerning that situation after the game has ended. Protests must be made immediately, or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances.

    1.3.8. Results

    Both teams are responsible to enter correct results on the ESL website. Therefore, both teams should take a screenshot at the end of the match, where we can see the correct result and they need to upload it after the match to the ESL website. If you have a conflict in the match, please open a protest, so the staff team can check the case and take a decision. The decision can also mean that both teams are disqualified, if there is not enough proof for either team to be the clear winner. Overall Results: Bo1: 1:0 or 0:1 Bo3: 2:0 2:1 1:2 and 0:2 Possible Overtime Score to win the map: 2:0 2:1 1:2 and 0:2

    Example of a correct screenshot: Correct #1

    Example of incorrect screenshot: Incorrect #1 & Incorrect #1

    1.3.9. Add Result

    It is only allowed to add a score when the match is finished. Enter a team score before the match is finished to the match, this will be taken as unsportsmanlike behaviour and disqualification of the team. If a team lost a match, it will be automatically closed. If a team add a score to the match, the opponent has 15 minutes to accept the result or to open a protest ticket. The match will be closed automatically when the time expired.

    1.3.10. Closed matches

    Already closed matches stays closed, if there was a mistake by the teams. The teams haven´t a right to claim this via protest or support tickets, in exception the rule point MOSS file mandatory and Accusation of cheating by timetable. The admins have the right to reopen a match in certain cases.

    1.3.11. Match media

    All match media (screenshots, demos, etc) must be kept for at least 14 days. In general, you should upload the match media from a match to the match page as soon as possible. Faking or manipulating match media is of course forbidden and will result in severe penalties. Match media should be named clearly based on what it is. It is not possible to file a protest or write a support ticket to complain about bad match media naming. However, if an admin is hindered in their work because of bad match media names then it can be punished for.

    1.3.12. Disqualification

    The match must be played as soon as possible (both teams added to the match). To keep the delay during the cup as slightly as possible we reserve the right to disqualify teams from the tournament. This will only be done in cases where a team shows no real effort to get a match done or is even obviously blocking. In severe cases this can even affect both teams.

    1.4. Ingame

    1.4.1. Player drops

    If a player drops in the first 15 seconds of a round (during the prep phase), the game may be rehosted. If the game will be re-hosted the match starts with the score from before the disconnect. If a player disconnects after the first fifteen (15) seconds of a round, the round will be played till the end. After that the match will be paused. In general, a game is always re-hosted unless the remaining side had a significant advantage (very likely victory). After disconnecting a team cannot choose a starting site, that has been already locked by settings (Objective Rotation Parameter: 1). If they do so, they by default lose a round. If a Player has not returned, or cannot be replaced within ten (10) minutes after the pause has started, then the Team with the dropped Player may forfeit the match at admins discretion.

    1.4.2. Re-host

    In a re-hosted game, each player need to choose the same settings as they picked at the start of the original game. All ruling which isn’t explained in the previous point, the teams had to open a protest ticket. Only admins of the staff can decide, if the game will be complete restarted by a score 0:0.

    1.4.3. Pausing the game

    If a player pauses a game they must state the reason for the interruption and how long it will approximately take. The game can only be resumed by the player that paused the game after they asks their opponent if they are ready. The pause should not be longer than 10 minutes.

    Violation of this rule are handled as unsportsmanlike behaviour and can lead to a re-game.

    1.4.4. Illegal Actions

    Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug and glitch using of any kind. In a tournament by using any bug or glitch, the team got a warning, by the second time of using it, the team will be disqualified.

    1.4.5. Observers

    Observers are allowed only if both teams agree. Exception to these rules are ESL admins and people that are explicitly allowed to observe by an admin (e.g. shout casters or streamer). Under no conditions is it allowed to play with referee’s other those decided by an admin.

    Teams should only allow observers they trust. It is not allowed to protest after a match to complain about observers that were allowed in the game.

    1.5. Casting

    Casting an ESL match is only allowed with an ESL admin agreement. To get an agreement please write a Support ticket.

    1.5.1. Personal Streaming

    Personal Streaming is always allowed if ESL TV is not casting a match. If ESL TV is casting a match, personal streaming is not allowed without an admin agreement. Personal Streaming of a match shown by ESL TV, without permission from an ESL admin, can lead into a disqualification of the team or ban of the streaming player in the tournament. The ESL advised to use a delay in the streams.

    1.6. Cheating

    1.6.1. Accusation of cheating by timetable

    If you want to accuse your opponent(s) of cheating, you need to hand in a timetable within 72 hours after the match has been finished. Timetables must be prepared based on videos in full HD quality. A timetable should be handed in along with the opening of the protest, so please make sure you have your timetable(s) ready when you open the protest. Nevertheless, the timetable can still be handed in later (if it is within the 72h deadline) in case you did not do that along with the opening of the protest. Accusation of cheating by timetable will not be executed during a tournament. All timetables which are not in the correct form will be directly declined. timetable structure

    The timetable should contain following information:

    Name and account link of the player In game nickname of the player you want to be checked Art, description or name of the suspected cheat Link and name of the video Specific times of the demo which look suspicious, along with a reason for each (e.g. why it cannot have been coincidence, luck, hearing or skill) Example

    I have the suspicion that the player1 cheated against player2 because he was afraid to lose the match.

    Player link: link to the player’s profile. In game nick: Mister Spock1337 Cheat: aimbot, flashhack and wallhack/ESP Demo link: link to download the demo from the matchsheet Demo name:

    12:21 – I creep to the ramp and the player1 stays at the ramp too because he “sees” that I’m coming. 14:34 – I’m throwing a flash grenade to the entry of the hall and the player1 stands there, therefore he has to be blinded but he see everything and kills me immediately when I come out of the door. 15:01 – I creep in the anteroom of the radio room to the chippy, and the crosshair of the player 1 remains on my head 18:00 – The player1 stands on the ct base and looks up to the hall, I creep from the ramp to the ladder. All at once his crosshair moves to my head and then he shoots. He couldn’t hear me! 20:21 – I’m running in the hall and the crosshair of the player1 is locked at my head. Although I jump his crosshair is still on my head. 27:12 – The player1 sits on the hall and he is aiming at the entry of the hall. I’m coming out of the chippy (I creep out) and the crosshair of the player1 immediately is locked at my head. Unbelievable reaction! 30:12 - I throw another flash in front of the player1, but he is aiming unchecked at me.

    2. Game settings

    Matches have to be played with the following settings:

    • All matches will be played with 5 players per team in a Bo1, except the Final Bo3

    2.1. Settings

    • Time of the Day: Day
    • HUD Settings: Pro League S3


    • Number of Rounds: 8
    • Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
    • Overtime: 3 Rounds
    • Overtime score difference: 2
    • Overtime role change: 1
    • Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
    • Attacker Unique Spawn: On
    • Damage handicap: 100
    • Friendly fire damage: 100
    • Injured: 20
    • Sprint: On
    • Lean: On
    • Death Replay: Off


    • Plant duration: 7
    • Defuse duration: 7
    • Fuse time: 45
    • Preparation: 45
    • Action: 180

    2.4. Operator

    • All Operator are allowed (DLC allowed).

    2.5. Mappool

    • Bank
    • Border
    • Chalet
    • Club House
    • Consulate
    • Kafe Dostoyevsky
    • Coastline
    • Oregon
    • Skyscraper

    3. Penalty points

    In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

    3.1. Barrages

    Players that get barred during the cup are allowed to finish it. Exceptions are barrages for:

    • cheating
    • fake- & multi account
    • unwanted contents & behaviour
    • ringing

    3.2. Bypassing barrages and penalty points

    Bypassing barrages and penalty points due to the creation of new teams is strictly forbidden. Existing penalty points / barrages will be transferred, barrages which result out of it may remain. Further sanctions for the teams and players in case of recurrence are reserved.

    3.3. Cups

    • No penalty points in cups, only in special cases.
    • Match deletion is not possible in a cup this result to a disqalification of the team.

    3.4. Penalty Points Catalogue

    3.4.1. Penalty points

    Rule violation Number of penalty points
    No show Team: 3; Player: 2
    Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1
    Intense (top 10): 2
    Abort match Player / Team: 4
    Use of ineligible player
    Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
    Barraged Player / Team: 6
    Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
    Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
    Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
    Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
    Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
    Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3
    Unsportsmanlike behaviour
    Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-3 penalty points
    Faking country/nationality Warning / 1 / 2 / 3 penalty points
    Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
    Fake result Player / Team: 4
    Fake match media Player / Team: 6
    Fake match Player / Team: 6
    Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6

    3.4.2. Game specific penalties

    Match media
    Missing match media Player / Team: 1
    Missing match media with cheat suspicion Player / Team: 6 and match deletion
    Unsportsmanlike behaviour
    Bug use Player / Team: 2 per use
    Self-Kills Player / Team: 2 per match
    Other Player / Team: Up to 4
    Illegal script Player / Team: 2, 4 or 6
    Custom files Player: 3; Team: 2
    Wrong server settings Team: 2 - 4

    4. Country restriction

    This competition is open to all players who resides within an eligible country. Eligible countries are:

    • England
    • Wales
    • Ireland (Northern)
    • Ireland (Republic of)
    • Scotland
    • Germany
    • France
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Belgium
    • Netherlands
    • Switzerland
    • Italy
    • Austria
    • Denmark
    • Slovenia
    • Croatia
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Albania
    • Greece
    • Bulgaria
    • Serbia
    • Hungary
    • Romania
    • Moldova (Republic of)
    • Slovakia
    • Czech Republic
    • Poland
    • Ukraine
    • Belarus
    • Lithuania
    • Latvia
    • Estonia
    • Russia
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Finland
    • Turkey
    • Luxembourg
    • Liechtenstein
    • Cyprus
    • Iceland
    • Malta
    • Macedonia (Yugoslav Republic of)
    • Monaco
    • Montenegro
    • San Marino
    • Vatican City
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Georgia

    5. Legal

    UBISOFT has provided prizes and the use of their name and trademarks, but is in not involved in the execution or administration of this tournament, and any questions, comments or complaints regarding this tournament must be directed to ESL.