ESL Major League Competition
It’s time to say goodbye! Every good thing has an end and we are sad to announce that there won’t be a new Major League Season for Rainbow Six: Siege. This chapter is closed and we would like to say thank you to each and every player who participated in this league! We appreciate the hard work of all teams and the players during the Qualifiers, Groupstages and in the final Playoffs.

Hall of Fame

Season 1 2017

medal_gold_3.png   Team Fallen
medal_gold_3.png   1UPeSport
medal_gold_3.png   1nFamy

Season 2 2017

medal_gold_3.png   Revolt Gaming
medal_gold_3.png   1UPeSport
medal_gold_3.png   XY

Season 3 2017

medal_gold_3.png   All4G firstLine
medal_gold_3.png   1UPeSport
medal_gold_3.png   Team Enyx

Season 4 2018

medal_gold_3.png   Team Enyx
medal_gold_3.png   GamerJuice
medal_gold_3.png   Any eSports


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