Competitive Ruling - KLIEN Japan
Following a formal investigation in the Rainbow 6 Challenge League Season 10 (Japan), "Meltstera" registered player of team "KLIEN" has been found competing under the minimum 18 years of age. Rule 2.8.1 of the Rulebook (see below) states that all Participants of the Rainbow Six Challenger League must be no younger than 18 years of age. The investigation by tournament officials determined at the time of competing in the Qualifiers, Meltstera was 15 years of age and thus not eligible in that Season of competition. Meltstera was barred from participating in the main league.

レインボーシックス シージ チャレンジリーグシーズン10(日本)での正式な調査の結果、チーム「KLIEN」の「Meltstera」選手は、18歳未満で競争していること証拠がありました。
ルールブックに記載されているルールに従って、「Meltstera」はすべてのレインボーシックス シージ 公式大会から6か月間のBANを与えられます。(日本のレインボーシックス シージt大会の現在の年齢要件は18です)。

As per the rule stated in the rulebook, “Meltstera” will receive a 6 month ban from all official Rainbow 6 competitions.
The investigation also determined that the Player submitted falsified documents to both Administration and the team KLIEN. Administration have determined that KLIEN are not complicit with the Player’s actions and will retain their standing in the Competition.

2.8.1 年齢制限
Rainbow Six Pro Leagueへの出場者は18歳以上でなければならない。
2.8.1 Age Restriction
All participants of the Rainbow Six Challenger league have to be over 18 years of age.
6.15.3 違反した選手
6.15.3 Ringer/Faker/Disallowed player
Any players involved in these cases will be banned for one season, and any teams involved may be disqualified.
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