GNiK vs. WinD
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Status: closed
MatchID 35055248
Date Tuesday, 27/06/17 01:15
Calculated 27/06/17 01:54
Map 1 Ruins of Sarnath
Map 2 Blood Covenant
Map 3 Blood Run
best_of 3
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2 : 0
GNiK wins !
Points +30 : -30
comments (3)
After giving a ++ rating and having friendly conversation; after this victory, he decided to -- me hurting my overall credibility. For what reason, I do not know.

I even stated in my match report "RESPECTFUL and Kind" - I take those back.
I don't remember ever giving you a --? This is my first time on ESL, but after the match it gave me an option for "Friendly" and "On Time" I marked both of those because you were friendly and were on time.

I don't really know how this mixup happened, but I apologize for accidentally giving you -- rating.
Just spoke with em; its all good mate <3

Thanks GniKK excuse the "taking back" of my respectful and kind remarks; those hold true. :)
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