What's Go4QC North America?

Go4QC North America is a tournament series open for everyone in the North American region, without a limit to the number of participants, which consists of 2 tournaments and a monthly final at the end of them. The Go4QC North America has a prize pool of $1500 awarded to the best 4 teams of each month.

The open tournaments take place at the end of each month, specifically on Sunday from 11:00 AM Pacific Time, and ensures great and packed action within it. All teams earn ranking points that help them qualify for the Monthly Final where they have the chance to win the prize pot of $1500.

All tournaments are being played using the 2vs2 format and following the TDM mode rules.

The Go4QC cups will return in January 2019.

Monthly Finals

Every month, 4 of the best teams in Go4QC North America compete for the grand prize of $1500 and the title of being the best team of the month.

Note: The prize distribution is per team and not per player.

Current Monthly Ranking

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Prize Money

Place Prize Money
medal_gold_3.png 1. $700
medal_silver_3.png 2. $400
3. $200
4. $200

Go4QC October 2018 Champions

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