RayVac vs. dramiS
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Status: closed
MatchID 35168263
Date Friday, 21/07/17 20:00
Calculated 21/07/17 20:48
Map 1 Blood Run
Map 2 Loser pick
Map 3 Loser pick
best of 3
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1 : 0
RayVac wins !
comments (3)
dramiS, you have been reported as being a no show. You have 10 minutes to respond or you will be disqualified.
My power went out, It just came back on just now. I won first map. Is there any way for a replay?
aww man that blows, i was wondering what happend to you, we got into our match then you vanished for a half hour. I played my next match and got knock out of the qualifier so im not sure..
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