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Edward 'Wizard' Gibbins  id: 7834334

Name Edward Gibbins
Nick Wizard
Member since 11/07/13
Age / Gender 23 Years / male
Nationality  United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom
Occupation Full Time eSports CEO/Founder and Player
Employer / University / School Full Time eSports CEO/Founder and Player
Main team UnderTake eSports [U-T]
I am a UK Competitive Quake Champions Player and the Founder/CEO of UnderTake eSports I been playing eSports for over 10 years on game like Cod2 Quake Cod4 CS1.6 CS:S CS:GO and I do games development mostly level design :)  more...  
Level & Awards
  1 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Quake Champions
CoD4 MW (PC)
Recent matches
  QC 1on1 QWC Qualifier #1 Europe
loss matuka  0 Thursday, 29/06/17 14:40
win (bye)  Thursday, 29/06/17 13:25
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