Go4Project CARS 2 (PS4) Europe Cup #11 Ranking

This competition is held in our forums. As this is a Free For All Cup, you will be racing against 11 other drivers on track, to see who is the fastest!

How to play:

  • Go to the forums and wait for the groups to be announced.
  • Look through the threads, and see where your name shows up
  • If you're the host, create the lobby with the correct settings, otherwise simply send your Steam name into the thread and join the lobby.
  • Host is responsible to upload the screenshot right after the race, into the thread
  • Wait for the next round (if you have qualified).

All cups with more than 24 players will start from the Qualifiers. After all Qualifier rounds are finished, the top players of each group will play in the Semis. The number of players that qualifies per group depends on the amount of participants. After all Semis are done, the Top 6 players will advance to the final and battle for the top spot to win the prize and the Go4 Points!

Go4Project CARS 2 (PS4) Europe Cup #11 Ranking - Grand Final

Grand Finals

PlayerFinal Position
1.Unity_Joker_1 1st place
2.CAR_DriverR1 2nd place
3.SolarSystem 3rd place
4.TX3_El_ZeeD 4th place
5.quntra 5th place
6.OMEGA_RT_KostasB 6th place
7.papanotas 7th place
8.SRT_Kox 8th place
9.Omega Demoz 9th place
10.TX3_WAWA 10th place
11.TX3_MattRunner 11th place
12.WRT-Thomas32 12th place

Winner of the Competition


Go4Project CARS 2 (PS4) Europe Cup #11 Ranking - Semis

Semi-Final #1

Semi-Final #2

PlayerFinal Position
1.TX3_WAWA 1st place
2.SRT_Kox 2nd place
3.papanotas 3rd place
4.TX3_MattRunner 4th place
5.WRT-Thomas32 5th place
6.SolarSystem 6th place

7.SaMp96w 7th place
8.KC_Aatu 8th place
9.Ice0052 9th place
10.CorsaroMax 10th place
11.G-MAN96404 Abandon
12.STD-RS_ ViPer_FRA Abandon
PlayerFinal Position
1.CAR_DriverR1 1st place
2.OMEGA_RT_KostasB 2nd place
3.Omega Demoz 3rd place
4.Unity_Joker_1 4th place
5.TX3_El_ZeeD 5th place
6.quntra 6th place

7.Nene 7th place
8.ACR Xwolf1369 8th place
9.OMEGA_RT_GIO 9th place
10.WRT-Seemon 10th place
11.ACR azaziell 11th place
12.F-Frete199 12th place

Go4Project CARS 2 (PS4) Europe Cup #11 Ranking - Qualifiers

Group 1

Group 2

PlayerFinal Position
1.KC_Aatu 1st place
2.SolarSystem 2nd place
3.G-MAN96404 3rd place

4.dan.pinho 4th place
5.lefouiiii16 5th place
6.WRT-wilan 6th place
7.Lisac32 7th place
8.VP_boxer4everr 8th place
9.Xavic_1801 Abandon
10.Fabian Abandon
PlayerFinal Position
1.CAR_DriverR1 1st place
2.Omega Demoz 2nd place
3.ACR azaziell 3rd place

4.Fortuna 4th place
5.BEBAC82 5th place
6.Camy 6th place
7.Jurke944 7th place
8.Tshepo Khanyile 8th place
9.Svelez1701 9th place
10.Meisner 10th place

Group 3

Group 4

PlayerFinal Position
1.SRT_Kox 1st place
2.WRT-Thomas32 2nd place
3.STD-RS_ ViPer_FRA 3rd place

4.JLCrespop 4th place
5.Vella-89 5th place
6.malmoer1 6th place
7.Rumburak26 7th place
8.Leighcol 8th place
9.WRT-Animal 9th place
10.kyleheideman No show
PlayerFinal Position
1.OMEGA_RT_KostasB 1st place
2.F-Frete199 2nd place
3.quntra 3rd place

4.dany939 4th place
5.mbzn17150 5th place
6.St0n3ybum 6th place
7.WRT-Chazy 7th place
8.Maslopl84 8th place
9.Ace McQueen No show
10.Ginet No show

Group 5

Group 6

PlayerFinal Position
1.TX3_MattRunner 1st place
2.CorsaroMax 2nd place
3.SaMp96w 3rd place

4.SILVY89 4th place
5.AlloChamps 5th place
6.OMEGA-RT-Andreas 6th place
7.Rob2fastNL 7th place
8.Rockabilly Outlaw 8th place
9.Sealizer No show
PlayerFinal Position
1.Unity_Joker_1 1st place
2.ACR Xwolf1369 2nd place
3.Nene 3rd place

4.Alexnaylor22 4th place
5.Ydmyge 5th place
6.Chris8 6th place
7.Atreus___ No show
8.The_ rosa No show
9.brewster71a No show

Group 7

Group 8

PlayerFinal Position
1.TX3_WAWA 1st place
2.papanotas 2nd place
3.Ice0052 3rd place

4.bvw90 4th place
5.Galea91 5th place
6.VV_vverdun 6th place
7.Ambro 7th place
PlayerFinal Position
1.WRT-Seemon 1st place
2.TX3_El_ZeeD 2nd place
3.OMEGA_RT_GIO 3rd place

4.Feldman9000 4th place
5.Labbenoire1 5th place
6.ThomasAleks 6th place
7.Wiebevanderzwaag 7th place
8.jose11100 8th place
9.BigTSP No show