Track: Watkins Glen International Short
Car: GT3: 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT3

Semi Finale & Final: All Semi Finals and Finals will be casted. That's why there will be some waiting time. The order is as followed:
  • ~ 15:30 CEST: PS4 Semi Final #1
  • ~ 16:00 CEST: PS4 Semi Final #2
  • ~ 16:30 CEST: PC Semi Final #1
  • ~ 17:00 CEST: PC Semi Final #2
  • ~ 17:30 CEST: PS4 Final
  • ~ 18:00 CEST: PC Final
Please make sure to be online at least 30 minutes before your semi-finals / final group starts. It's possible, that we start earlier than the given time! The given times are just assumptions!

Inviting for Semi-Final and Final:
  • PC: An admin will invite everyone
  • PS4: The player at the top has to invite everyone and the streamers
    • PSN: Actrollvision
    • PSN: BubbleBart
Driver interviews
The casters will make some interviews with the drivers during the cast. If you want to do such a meeting, join our Discord server and connect to the Voice-Room "Room 1". If you have luck, they'll drag you to the casters channel and interview you.