About the Championship

The ESL Project CARS Multi-Class European Championship is a competition that has its' sole purpose to determine the best driver that is out there. Exclusively for PlayStation 4 this series will give you the chance to battle amid the greats and to get your share of the 2,500€ prize money.

During one race you will be able to see different car classes at all times - the faster Pro Class and the slightly slower Challenger Class. Although both categories, Pro and Challenger, will share a race circuit, they will not be battling against one another. Both Pro Class and Challenger Class will have one winner per race, and at the end of the season each will crown its own European Champion.

Since this competition is a Championship, thus in other words this means that once all the races are completed each driver’s points total will decide their Championship position. There will be nine (9) standard scoring championship races, which will take place on Saturdays, after these there will be a Grand Final in which double points are offered. All races will be broadcast, ending with a special studio show for the Grand Final.

The car classes for this championship are:
  • Pro Class - LMP2
  • Challengers Class - GT3
You can watch the European Championship live on Saturday, from 17 CET! This championship will be brought to you by Rene "ESL_GRunner" Buttler in English, on twitch.tv/esl_racing!

Championship players - Pro & Challenger

Here's the list of players that you will see participating in the Project CARS Multi-Class European Championship, as well as a archive of former pro & challenger class players across the championship.

Pro Class

BAM khaki

Pro Class - Changelog
VP_Isaac21 - Promoted to Pro Class - Ranked 1st in Promotion Race #1
VP_ockerocker - Demoted to Challenger Class - Ranked 8th in Promotion Race #1

Challenger Class
Week 1:
SDL M power
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
SDL Yoohan,
Week 6:
SDL Yoohan,

Championship Ranking

Pro Ranking (Overall)

Full Overall Rankings

Challenger Ranking (Overall)

Full Overall Rankings

Pro Ranking (Current month)

Full Current month Rankings

Challenger Ranking (Current month)

Full Current month Rankings

European Championship - Challenger Qualifiers

How to qualify?

At the start of the competition, qualification cups will determine which class you compete in, this will be done according to your skill as a racer. We've structured everything for you below, so you understand it easier:

Pro & Challenger Class - qualification process
  • 2 qualification tournaments - top 4 from each qualifier will be known as Pro drivers, places 5-7 will be known as Challenger drivers
  • Drivers that were ranked 5-7 in the first qualification tournament can still race in the 2nd qualifier and become Pro drivers
  • Pro Drivers from the 1st qualification tournament will not be allowed to participate in the 2nd qualification tournament
  • Pro Drivers will not be allowed to participate in any PS4 Go4ProjectCARS tournaments once the championship begins
  • The qualification will be done through the PS4 Go4ProjectCARS tournaments, which are on Sunday, 19:00 CET, and will follow their rules and regulations
Pro & Challenger Class - additional details
  • Pro Drivers have their spot secured for the first three (3) Pro races
  • Challenger drivers will have to re-qualify every week through the PS4 Go4ProjectCARS tournament by finishing in top 6
  • Pro and Challenger drivers will receive points for every championship race, separately from each other
Pro & Challenger Class - promotion races
  • After every three (3) Pro races, we will host a Promotion Race
  • Top five (5) drivers, points wise, from Challenger Class will join the Promotion Race
  • Bottom three (3) drivers, points wise, from Pro Class will join the Promotion Race
  • At the end of the promotion race, top three (3) drivers will join the Pro Class

Championship points and distribution

Championship points will be scored, first on the basis of the class you race in and, second on the basis of your race position. That is to say: In each Multi-Class Race (with the exclusion of the final in which double points will be on offer) Pro Class competitors will score a maximum of 100 points for a race victory and a minimum of 50 points for eighth, Challenger Class racers on the other hand will score a maximum of 40 points for victory and a minimum of 10 points for sixth. No points are awarded for the Qualification Cup, the Go4 Cup or Promotion Races.

To keep things fair for Challenger Class competitors, any racer who - at any part of the season - has scored points in the Pro Class will be ranked in the Pro Class at the end of the season. It will therefore only be players that have never been involved in the Pro Class who will, when the Championship points are tallied up, be counted amongst the competitors in the Challenger Class. It is, of course, possible to be relegated from the Pro Class and still take part in the competition - but any points you earn in the Challenger Series will count towards your Pro Class ranking.

The Grand Final will have the top 8 Pro drivers that scored the most amount of points and the last 6 qualified Challenger drivers. At the end of the final, we will also know who is the European Champion!

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