Go4Project CARS 2 (PC) Europe Cup #13 Ranking

This competition is held in our forums. As this is a Free For All Cup, you will be racing against 11 other drivers on track, to see who is the fastest!

How to play:

  • Go to the forums and wait for the groups to be announced.
  • Look through the threads, and see where your name shows up
  • If you're the host, create the lobby with the correct settings, otherwise simply send your Steam name into the thread and join the lobby.
  • Host is responsible to upload the screenshot right after the race, into the thread
  • Wait for the next round (if you have qualified).

All cups with more than 24 players will start from the Qualifiers. After all Qualifier rounds are finished, the top players of each group will play in the Semis. The number of players that qualifies per group depends on the amount of participants. After all Semis are done, the Top 6 players will advance to the final and battle for the top spot to win the prize and the Go4 Points!

Go4Project CARS 2 (PC) Europe Cup #13 Ranking - Final

Grand Finals

PlayerFinal Position
1. Jardier 1st place
2. GTA_Tidgney 2nd place
3. fab.ICEMAN 3rd place
4. TX3 Popsu 4th place
5. arkeN 5th place
6. VP_Isaac21 6th place
7. Radioactive 7th place
8. LX 8th place
9. F4H Jaaames28 9th place
10. Oscaro Adalexis 10th place
11. TX3 TouTouNer 11th place
12. YoohanTV 12th place

Winner of the Competition


Go4Project CARS 2 (PC) Europe Cup #13 Ranking - Semis

Semi-Final #1

Semi-Final #2

PlayerFinal Position
1. VP_Isaac21 1st place
2. TX3 Popsu 2nd place
3. TX3 TouTouNer 3rd place
4. YoohanTV 4th place
5. Radioactive 5th place
6. Oscaro Adalexis 6th place

7. VP_Ace 7th place
8. GTA_matty234 8th place
9. Mr. Van Ommen 9th place
10. ACR-cooper_sport 10th place
11. Yummy_Nutella 11th place
12. Cornwallis 12th place
PlayerFinal Position
1. Jardier 1st place
2. GTA_Tidgney 2nd place
3. fab.ICEMAN 3rd place
4. arkeN 4th place
5. F4H Jaaames28 5th place
6. LX 6th place

7. Rode_ 7th place
8. F4H Murphy 8th place
9. VP_bigj_ms 9th place
10. bas tempelmans plat 10th place
11. tysse 11th place
12. BOU 12th place

Go4Project CARS 2 (PC) Europe Cup #13 Ranking - Qualifiers

Group 1

Group 2

PlayerFinal Position
1. TX3 Popsu 1st place
2. ACR-cooper_sport 2nd place
3. VP_Ace 3rd place
4. iyoriii 4th place

5. ladose.lebelge 5th place
6. OpiumRSA 6th place
7. Adam99HUN 7th place
8. thierry merimee 8th place
9. Motor Abandon
10. thomas23161 Abandon
PlayerFinal Position
1. F4H Murphy 1st place
2. Jardier 2nd place
3. LX 3rd place
4. Actrollvision 4th place

5. Velox24_Ita 5th place
6. Wtomi 6th place
7. bubibravo 7th place
8. COOLER 8th place
9. x1185323118x Abandon

Group 3

Group 4

PlayerFinal Position
1. Mr. Van Ommen 1st place
2. TX3 TouTouNer 2nd place
3. Cornwallis 3rd place
4. TRS DannyvdMeer 4th place

5. Oscaro Mark 5th place
6. Lagnioo 6th place
7. Diego7Adi Abandon
8. Alge4 Abandon
PlayerFinal Position
1. fab.ICEMAN 1st place
2. F4H Jaaames28 2nd place
3. VP_bigj_ms 3rd place
4. civi 4th place

5. DennisT800 5th place
6. jasonjasonjason 6th place
7. Druide1976 7th place
8. kat_sky 8th place
9. Enoch 9th place

Group 5

Group 6

PlayerFinal Position
1. VP_Isaac21 1st place
2. GTA_matty234 2nd place
3. Oscaro Adalexis 3rd place
4. Zetmir 4th place

5. TX3 Couffi 5th place
6. LaraSV 6th place
7. TKRapt0r 7th place
8. SanoRom 8th place
9. f4llenPr1nce Abandon
PlayerFinal Position
1. arkeN 1st place
2. BOU 2nd place
3. tysse 3rd place
4. THE_FURIOUS 4th place

5. EdgarPSanchez 5th place
6. Xender 6th place
7. DrLapacho 7th place
8. M. 8th place
9. Danny_S 9th place

Group 7

Group 8

PlayerFinal Position
1. Radioactive 1st place
2. Yummy_Nutella 2nd place
3. YoohanTV 3rd place
4. culffie13 4th place

5. Scooterdie 5th place
6. TRIGGERED 6th place
7. FozzyGuy 7th place
8. McSnek Abandon
9. Nouxt No show
PlayerFinal Position
1. GTA_Tidgney 1st place
2. Rode_ 2nd place
3. bas tempelmans plat 3rd place
4. avliSOnun 4th place

5. stamsar69 5th place
6. Korelaereren 6th place
7. guibZ 7th place
8. mh753 8th place
9. Karliski Abandon