SMS-R Championship Series

The SMS-R Championship Series by ESL is the competition that has its' sole purpose to determine the best driver that is out there. Exclusively for PC this series will give you the chance to battle amid the greats and to get your share of the 15,000€ prize money. This new series will reignite the multi-class racing structure seen in the immensely popular ESL Multi-Class European Championship and will feature even of the world’s most competitive Esports Racing teams fighting not for individual glory, but for a cumulative Team Championship.

Challenger class entrants will battle it out in a Driver’s Championship. With only the top three competitors from each round receiving automatic qualification into the next round, drivers will need to prove themselves each and every week. The remaining twelve spaces on each week’s grid will be filled by drivers who have shown their mettle in the following Sunday’s ESL Go4 series. With great prizes in both the Go4 series and the major series, this will be the perfect platform for up-and-coming stars of virtual racing to show their true potential.

And that’s just the start of what makes the Project CARS SMS-R Championship Series by ESL the biggest Esports events on the calendar because the Pro teams who succeed in the SMS-R Championship Series will be guaranteed a place at the World Final at Gamescom 2017.

You can watch the European Championship live streamed! This championship will be brought to you by René "GRunner" Buttler & Luke "Actrollvision" Crane in English, on!

SMS-R Championship Series - Pro Teams

Here are the pro teams that you will see participating in the SMS-R Championship Series:

Team Redline
SDL eSports
Virtualdrivers by TX3


SMS-R Championship Series - Rankings

Pro Ranking (Teams)

Full Overall Rankings

Challenger Ranking (Players)

Full Overall Rankings

How to qualify?

As already mentioned, we will divide the championship drivers into Pro & Challengers Class. We've put together a bullet-point list for you, to make it easier to understand:

Pro Class - invite-only
  • 7 invited teams - 2 drivers from each team will participate in the race
Challenger Class - qualification process
  • Go4ProjectCARS (PC) weekly cups - top 12 drivers will qualify for the Championship
  • Top 3 Challengers from every Championship race will automatically qualify for the next one
  • For the first Championship week - Top 3 drivers from the Go4ProjectCARS (PC) April finals will be automatically qualified

SMS-R Championship Races & Qualifiers

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