ESL Prize Money Support

We can only make a payment to a single recipient. That person is responsible for distributing the payment among the rest of the team.

We will only accept prize requests submitted by the appointed team captain/owner, as per the ESL Play team roster. If a team does not wish to have their captain receive the prize on their behalf, a protest ticket must be raised with a team majority requesting an alternative player receive the payment on their behalf

Please read carefully, otherwise your ticket can be rejected!

ESL Prize Money Support is solely for queries regarding prize money. If you require support for anything else, please use the normal support. Tickets made regarding any other subject will be rejected!

Please provide us with valid payment data:

For Paypal

  • Write your name in full (First name, last name)
  • Write the e-mail address

EU Bank Account

  • Account holder first name
  • Account holder last name
  • IBAN
  • BIC (SWIFT-code)

Non-EU Bank Account

  • Account holder first name
  • Account holder last name
  • Account holder address
  • Account number or IBAN
  • Bank name
  • Bank (branch) address
  • BIC (SWIFT-code)
Please use proper English spelling and grammar, and do not write texts that are too long. Keep it short and simple.

Please understand that it may take some time for your query to be replied to as it takes time to contact all persons involved when checking information - we want to be certain of all facts before responding to minimize misunderstanding and confusion. All queries are handled by a ESL Gaming employee.