Purchase ESL Premium keys

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How to redeem the keys:

  1. Go to the Premium main page.
  2. Click the Get Premium button in the top banner
  3. Select the Redeem Coupon option on the top of the pop-up window
  4. Apply the coupon code
  5. Done!


  • The keys are sent to the email address that you added in the first step of the purchase window.
  • Bundle keys are sent in a comma separated line.
  • Upon activation, the redeemer will see that a subscription has been activated.
  • These keys award trial days to a subscription (which has no different effect than a normal Premium subscription)
  • Once the trial days run out, the system will ask the user to add a payment option to renew the subscription (which is optional)
    • If no payment option is added, the Premium status will be revoked once the trial period expires
  • It is possible to increase the trial period by redeeming multiple keys
  • You can see how many Premium days you have left in your account by clicking the downwards arrow on the top right of the website
  • This is a temporary solution until a proper gifting susbcription option is made available

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