ESL Premium Features

Free Membership Premium Membership
Play in Cups, Leagues and Ladders
ESL Anticheat
ESL Game Integration
Create your own esports team
Claim your unique award at ESL events
Participate in Premium Competitions
Access to Achievements
Access to Advanced Statistics
Be featured in Ladder pages
Participate in exclusive raffles and giveaways
Eligibility to Team Premium status*
Customize your profile URL
Delete guestbook comments
Visitor counter in your Profile
Disable advertisement
Support ESL Play

Detailed feature overview:

Team Premium
In order to get Team Premium status, all team members of a team must own premium. Inactive and honourable members will not affect your Premium Status.

Once Premium, your team will show off its members in detail, show the awards of the team and will also be able to join Premium Only tournaments.
Premium Tournaments
Participate in tournaments exclusive to Premium members, where you can win prize money (and ingame prizes!).

We are currently offering tournaments in Europe and Germany (we are expanding into more regions soon).
As a Premium Member you can earn exclusive awards. Show them off on your profile, customize the order and only show your favourites. Find the list of awards here.
Stats and Additional Information
All ESL Premium Members can see their opponents stats right on the match page. For example, in League of Legends you can see match stats at the end of the match.

Aditionally, you are able to see a statistics comparison between you and your opponent when challenging a player in our ladders, including their most played maps, strengths and weaknesses.
Support ESL Play
Only with the support of our Premium Members we can offer tournaments to your favourite game, improve and implement new features in ESL Play!
Turn off ads
As a Premium Member you can choose to hide ads on the website via your website settings.
Visitor Counter
Show off how popular you are with a visitor counter on your profile.
Delete guestbook entries
It's your guestbook! You can delete any entry you want (if the entry is archived, you can open a ticket to the Premium squad and request that it is deleted).
URL Alias
Don't be just a number: customise your ESL player link with a custom URL alias.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased premium, but I cannot see it active in my profile page?
You are most likely facing a caching issue. Please try the following:
  1. Access this page:
  2. Save it (this process clears the cache of your profile page)
  3. Check your profile page again, you should be able to see it active now
You can also check your premium account status in your account page.
Do I need team premium to participate in Premium Tournaments for teams?

Let's start with what team premium is: Team Premium is unlocked when all active members of the team have premium. You are able to see your team active and upcoming awards when team premium is active.

Premium Tournaments for teams are based on the roster of the team, so only the players participating in the tournament require premium.
For example, if you want to participate in a 2on2 premium only tournament and you sign-up for main team with more than 5 people, only the 2 players participating in the tournament must have an active premium account in their profile.

I won a Premium Raffle! How can I claim my prize?
Congratulations! You can claim your prize by opening a ticket (please select Premium as category)! Include the link of the page stating that you won and include your Steam Trade URL in your request if it's a Steam item.
How can I purchase premium for my team?
You can find our bundle offers for teams following this link. If you want to purchase more than 10 keys and have a bigger discount overall, send us an email: