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Play Cups, Leagues, Ladders and VERSUS
ESL Anticheat
ESL Game Integration
Premium Tournaments
Log in at ESL events
Opponent statistics
Disable advertising
Team Premium status*
Custom profile URL alias
Delete guestbook comments
Visitor counter on profile

Premium pricing

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30 DaysEUR 4.99/month
90 DaysEUR 4.99/month
180 DaysEUR 4.50/month

Recurring payments

90 DaysEUR 4.00/month
360 DaysEUR 3.00/month

* Find more information about Team Premium here.

Premium Tournaments

Detailed feature overview:

Team Premium
Premium Tournaments
Stats and Information
Support ESL
Turn off ads
Parties in VERSUS
Map vote in VERSUS
Opponent analysis
Visitor Counter
Login at ESL events
Delete guestbook entries
URL Alias

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