Sajith vs. felix
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 291.  407.

Status: closed
MatchID 16785427
Date Sunday, 03/01/10 07:51
Calculated 03/01/10 09:39
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
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0 : 1
felix wins !
Points -28 : +28
comments (7)
Sorry i have been disconnect.
I come back.
thats not my prob sorry :/
Ok :

If for whatever reason a player is disconnected/crashes after the first 3 hands then the match will be a default loss against that player, unless his opponent agrees to replay the match.
4.2. Player disconnect/crash

All players are responsible for their computer and internet connection. If a player disconnects or crashes then they lose the game, unless their opponent offers a rematch.

so accept
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Plz offer me a rematch by fair play. 5000 5000
no accept ggthxbb
damn no streak sajith :o
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