Quick Rules

Steps to Register

  1. Ensure you have registered for an ESL Play account
  2. Register your Pokémon UNITE Trainer Name and ensure that your Username matches your in game Trainer Name.
  3. (COMPULSORY) Join our official Discord server and click your region initials in the #welcome-area channel to get in touch with local players and admins.


Tournament Format

  • Swiss Format (Best-of-3)
  • Time limit for each round: 60 Minutes
  • Tournament will be on a rolling schedule. If a round ends earlier, the next round will begin immediately.
  • Maximum Number of rounds: 7 rounds ( Rounds will be run over a span of 2 days )

    • Day 1: Swiss Round 1, 2 & 3

    • Day 2: Swiss Rounds 4, 5, 6 & 7


How to Play

  1. Players will be required to share their lobby ID or add each other to be invited to the game lobby
  2. Once the opponent has accepted, players will start their matches as soon as possible.


Match Details

  • Type: Online Battle
  • Best of 3 
  • Lobby type: Tournament Mode
  • Pokémon UNITE License: All Pokémon are allowed to be used
  • Items: All items will be available and are Max grade.
  • Winner determination: The team that manages to score the highest goals within 10 minutes wins the match.


Top 8 of the Pokémon UNITE Malaysia Open 2022 Qualifiers will advance to the Finals


1st Place

USD 5,600

2nd Place

USD 4,400

3rd Place

USD 3,200

4th Place

USD 2,000 for each placement

5th & 6th Place

USD 1,400 for each placement

7th & 8th Place

USD 1,000 for each placement