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General information

How to add a PUBG gameaccount
  1. Navigate to the tournament you want to sign up for
  2. Click "Register" to register your game ID
  3. Follow the instructions to link your gameaccount. Please be aware its case-sensitive!

How do I set up a team?
    Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking on the cogwheel next to your profile link. Continue by clicking on the "Register a new team" link once you have arrived on your Settings page. Once you have done so, you'll be asked to enter a name and create your team. You can manage your teams via the "Settings" page by clicking on "My Teams".
What is the check in? How does it work?
    The check in ensures that the signed up players are online and ready for the cup. In the first step you sign up for a cup, with the check in starting 30 minutes prior to cup start. 10 Minutes before the start of the cup will open be open for signups - including players that did not check in. You will be able to find more information in the step by step guide.
How do I set up a roster?
    You need to make sure that you entered your complete roster of 4 players. Click on "manage roster" and tick the 4 players which will be playing in the qualifier.

PUBG specific Questions

How do I get the Matchserver data?
  1. Navigate to your match on the right side of the page
  2. Click on "Match #x" to see the match information

How do I join the Server?
  1. Click on the custom match tab ingame
  2. Search for the server name in the session list
  3. Copy the lobby password and enter it
What do I need to do once in the match lobby?
    Use the Discord to get the latest information about your lobby/group and any other qualifier relevant information.
How do I know when my game starts?
    Use the Discord to get read the #server-announcement channel. Admins will announce if the server is up and when the game will start.