ESL PUBG PC Tournament FAQ

The ESL PUBG tournament system is where players do not get kicked out of the tournament after one match. Instead, players will participate in multiple matches each round. Once a full round is finished, we will combine the placement scores and kill points from players. With fewer players in the tournament, you will be playing against more skilled and competitive players as you progress to the final round.

How does it work?

  • Tournament schedule and lobby information is available through the ESL PUBG Discord tournament announcement channel.
Tournament Schedule Example:
Here is our schedule for today's tournament:

Round 1 (Best of 3 Matches): 3 groups, top 5 qualify for round 2
Round 2 (Best of 3 Matches): 1 group
  • Each round has multiple matches:
    If you lose early in a match, do not give up - you are still participating in the tournament! Pay attention to the Discord announcement channel for your next lobby information.
  • You earn points through the combination of your match placement points and kill points.
  • At the end of each round, the total points of your played matches is displayed on the tournament's "Rankings" page.
  • The top teams will move into the next round, others will be eliminated. Tournaments are normally running in single bracket unless announced.
  • Teams and players will continue to battle and be eliminated until the last round is left with 1 group.

Where can I find my match lobby?

Your match lobby information is available on ESL Play, there are multiple ways to access it after the start of the tournament:

Tournament Widget

There will be links under the tournament widget to the open match pages. Tournament widget is the box where players sign up.

My Tournaments

When you have open matches, a notification will appear and the battle icon will turn into orange. Click the icon to view all your signed up tournaments.

My Matches

Desktop: At the bottom right of the ESL Play site, you will find a user menu bar. Click on “Matches” to see your upcoming matches.

Mobile: View all your matches from "My Matches" on the menu of ESL Play app.
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The details for your match lobbies, such as lobby name and password will only be available on the match page. Once you have the lobby information, you can join the lobby through the “Custom Game” tab ingame.

Please check your match lobby status on ESL PUBG Discord announcement channels. Admins will announce when the match lobby is created, the start time, result updates and other information regarding your lobby group.

General Enquiries

How to add my PUBG nickname?
  1. Log in to your ESL Play account.
  2. Navigate to the tournament you would like to sign up.
  3. Click "Register" to register your PUBG nickname.
  4. Follow the instructions to link your PUBG nickname.
    You MUST enter the exact ID - or your kill points will not be recorded
    Example image displaying the registration requirement
  5. Once you have entered a valid PUBG nickname, you are ready to sign up for the tournament.

If you encounter any issues while entering your PUBG ID, please open a support ticket.

How do I set up a team?
  1. Log in to your ESL Play account.
  2. Visit "Your Teams" and create your team by entering a team name.
  3. Once your team is created, managers of the team can invite other players to join with an invite link.
    Click the cogwheel of the team you are managing on "Your Teams".

What is the check in? How does it work?

Check in ensures that the signed up players are online and ready for the tournament. PUBG EU tournaments would normally have the check-in available 30 minutes prior to the start time of the tournament.

Each tournament may have a different check in schedule, start time and check-in time information is available on the tournament's info page.

How do I set up a roster?

Duo tournament: At least 2 players, maximum 3 for substitution.
Squad tournament: At least 4 players, maximum 5 for substitution.
Then click on "manage roster" and tick the 4 players which will be playing in the tournament.

If you are not able to check-in, first check if all players have passed the requirement from the tournament widget. If the issue continues, please contact ESL admins on ESL PUBG Discord.

Is my lobby up?

ESL admins will be posting on the lobby status on the regional tournament announcement channel. Please join to check whether your lobby is ready to join.

Go to #welcome channel and react with the flag corresponding to the tournament you're participating in, to receive access to the support channel.

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What are the maps?

Solo Tournaments

Players will be playing on Sanhok only for Solo cups

Duo and Squad Tournaments

Players will be playing on both Erangel and Miramar for Duo and Squad cups

Full match setting can be found on each tournament's rule page.

Why are my kills not counted?

Our system will automatically fetch match results after each game. Kill score for players will only be awarded if they have entered their PUBG Nickname correctly on ESL Play.

Each team member should take a screenshot at the end-of-game displaying their kill score and placement in case of any match result disputes. Failure to provide screenshots when requested can lead to disciplinary action and/or loss of points.

Tournament support

ESL admins are available to provide support to any tournament related enquiry. If you are encountering an issue during a tournament, please communicate on ESL PUBG Discord for faster communication.